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Damotory Korean Wine House @ Robertson Walk

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Ask me about Korean food and I will probably point you to Hwang To Gol at Amara or the food court at the ex-Le Meridien Hotel. Over the years, countless joints have opened to cater to the growing demand for korean food. Of late, the pals started hanging out at korean wine houses - that has got to be a trend I have not caught on. Dunking cups of soju is missing out on the flair that I prefer over cocktails.


Nonetheless, dinner it was followed by drinks. The restaurant has been running buffet voucher promotions with the various online deal houses hence majority of the customers were there for that purpose.


Meal starters. 


Their banchans are a mere four plates - of the four, I fancied just the anchovies and almonds. The rest were nothing to shout about. 


Pickled radish.


Uniquely korean. 

kimchi pancake

Kimchi Pancake

kimchi pancake

I thought this was decent, just a tad thin.

seafood pancake

Seafood Pancake

This was too doughy and seafood was restricted to shrimp.

kimchi fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice

The only thing that made me smile was the heart shaped sunny side up that has appeared so many times in a korean drama. Lacking in wok flavour, this was a mushy fried rice.



The companions were scraping the bottoms of the stone bowl so I figure it must have been better than the kimchi fried rice. 


The all too familiar lettuce leaves to wrap the grilled meat. 


Beef Bulgogi

Always a must order, this sweetened number goes well with vegetables or rice.

ginger chicken

Ginger Chicken

Tasty bites glazed with sugar, this was easy to like and can be passed off as lemon chicken at a zichar stall. 

garlic pork

Garlic Pork Belly

Fatty slices of grilled pork belly with a side of garlic and onions in soya to dip. Nothing fancifully delicious.

cheese chicken

Chicken and Cheese ($20)

This hotplate was a clear winner for the night. Packed with enough spice and melted cheese, loved it!

kimchi soup

Kimchi Hotpot with Sausage ($38)

A bloody ripoff. First we were told the $20 option was meant for two pax and then it was clarified for one. The lady roughly showed us the size by comparing to the plate and then it arrived looking like a ginormous pot enough to feed four.

ramen kimchi soup

Why a ripoff then...the soup is thin, pathetic if I may add. Hardly a kimchi hotpot, more like kimchi-flavoured soup with beancurd, luncheon meat, some strands of glass noodle and maggie mee. Note, barely even rameon or the decency for Nong Shim noodle.

yakult soju

I had a go at their yakult soju which is the perfect ladies drink, light and sweet without getting the head muddled with the jolt of alcohol. Yet, downing this easily also means the onset of a hangover quick.

chrysanthenum wine

The wine house was kind enough to gift a bottle of chrysanthenum wine for the birthday folks. Looking like chrysanthenum tea but tasting rancid and sharp like whiskey does. Even the whiskey fan stopped at one.

Service is blotchy and rough. Orders are taken haphazardly and food gets dished out in equal fashion. We were served food we did not order but being in a large group also meant we could just share the love. If anything, this is a place for drinks and keeping your eyes glued to the screen for korean mtvs. On hindsight, getting the buffet voucher would have been more worthwhile than ala carte like we did.

Damotory Korean Wine House
#01-30/31 Robertson Walk

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