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7Adam @ 7 Adam Park

Special thanks to Mindy, Mei Yan and the lovely team at 7Adam for their hospitality!

7 adam

7Adam is one of those places off the usual beaten track that would serve very well for private events or even a romantic dinner. I was tempted by brunch but given the opportunity to check out their dinner menu, it was a timely affair!

nuss guild house

In the same building as NUSS Guild House. 


It would be a tasting degustation menu to showcase their signatures in bite-sized portions, hence photos are not a true representation of the portions in ala carte.


Freshly baked bread with unsalted butter. These were warm and toasty, a lovely start to the meal ahead.


Veloute of Trio Pepper Soup

A showcase of the fruitiness of peppers in a broth, this was somewhat tart and a nice note to start of with.


Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops


Hokkaido scallops sliced thinly and drizzled with a plethora of colours. I love my scallops and these did not disappoint. I wish portions were just bigger. 


Celeriac Lasagne layered with Sauteed Spinach and Duxelle Mushrooms with Morel Jus

Whilst eyeballing the menu, I did a double take at this dish - Halia's signature and turns out the Chef was previously from Halia! I was looking forward to a different interpretation of this dish - fireworks perhaps?

Lots of mushrooms thrown in forming the pate that is sandwiched in between celeriac sheets. Sliced mushrooms strewn and topped with arugula. Whisked away to happyland like Halia this was not, somewhat lacking in flavour though the tastebuds did detect a whiff of truffle oil somewhere. 

foie gras

Salad Foie Gras Cubes with Figs, Apples and Pinenuts Sauteed with Ginger

I love my salads and having foie gras in mine is a luxurious touch.


Deconstructed Sprout Risotto, Sliced Truffle and Emulsion of Mushrooms and Wine

Inspired by a particular cooking assignment for Chef Arriola, he wanted to marry both east and west in one dish and cleverly used bean sprouts in place of risotto grains. Amazingly put together nailing both the creaminess in the sauce and crunch of the sprouts, I am totally sold and would trade my risotto anyday for this. Note though that the rawness of the sprouts can be tasted even with all the wonderful things going on about it.


Grilled Atlantic Mackerel with Soy Served on Potato Galette Stuffed with Iberico Ham, Truffle Olive Rice

I fell in love with the potato galette with iberico ham, the mastery of a good hashbrown that I would gladly have for breakfast.

olive rice

The seared mackerel was somehow overshadowed by the potato galette. Olive rice was nicely perfumed with truffle but could do with a little flavouring.


Masala of Cod Fish

The portions of this caught us by surprise. Taste I did not but the companion was visibly very pleased with her exchange of beef.


Pan Seared Wagyu Striploin Served with Thai Asparagus and Potato Fondant, Green Lime Infused Beef Jus

Tender and well seared, I love my pink! Once again, I am blown away by their brilliant execution of fried potatoes.


This is one place that knows how to treat a humble ingredient and they do it so darn well.


This was a really smooth and awesome pairing for the beef. 


Hazelnut Parfait Garnished with Cocoa Soil, Pistachio Biscotti and Financier

This is a complex icecream dessert served. While I tried to find a commonality of all in the same dish, the combination of hazelnut and cocoa works fine.


White Wine Poached Peach Served With Vanilla Crumble, White Wine Granita and Sesame Tuille

This is definitely the best saved for the last. As much as I hate to admit sticky date or toffee puddings are a thing of a past, as with molten chocolate cakes and tiramisu, fact is there are too many pedestrian offerings that are included in menus for the sake of it. This, is a breath of fresh air and different! The last I remember eating a peach dessert was probably at Le Atelier Joel Robuchon.  

Loved the white wine granita that cleansed the palette and was a sweet contrast to the fizzy pear. Particular mention goes to sesame tuille that crispy and very sesame-d!


A bubbly-licious night. 


Here's Chef Reynaldo Paulinho Arriola with his most welcoming grin!


The arty farty corners.


A chilli decor with hands.

10 fingers

I am pleasantly surprised by the turnout, especially when it is not right smack in a bustling shopping area or remotely near an MRT station - possibly a leisurely 15 minute walk. They find the heart to support up and coming artists which is laudable as a restaurant - hence aptly titled "A celebration of food and art."

7 Adam Park

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