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Supermarket dinner @ ESTA, Sapporo

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I love supermarts and we specially allocated a meal for supermart takeaway! Says who that eating in Japan is expensive - these items get slashed quite generously near closing time and it's a case of the fastest fingers first. There is a good spread of Japanese cuisine to choose from. Here's a sample of what to choose if you've not ventured into their gourmet havens - YET.


Each departmental store basement would sport a tonkatsu stall - I suppose fried food always sells!


Sticks of breaded delight.

pork katsu

Truly, any breaded fried meat in Japan tastes so good. Light and hardly oily, delicious!


I could just go fat in Japan with all these fried food available - well, just fried chicken pieces.


Heavily discounted sashimi - crazy fresh still.


Sushi platters are as discounted too! Talk about 50% off and the platters get snatched up literally. Quality is hardly compromised with sea urchin, shark's fin and crab!


Trust the Japanese to even dress their takeaways up. Salute.

beef rice

Reveals a beef rice bowl! Well seasoned beef on a bed of fluffy rice - happiness.


Chinese takeaways are available too and greens for the meal are a must. Tastes like what my mom would cook - since when are vegetables so expensive? These are sold by weight.


Flavoured rice balls for the carbs - I could eat these everyday.


Yet another pretty packet - guess what!


Fish cake, these large round fish cakes taste way better than our machine produced ones. I'm no fishball-fishcake fan and this made me really pleased.


Nothing to rave about though - a normal red bean pancake.

Dinner cost a fraction of what they would be retailing at normal operating hours. Worth a visit to save those pennies for skiing!

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