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Sumibi Izakaya En @ Susukino


Located on the fifth floor of the shopping mall above Susukino station, we were delighted to chance upon this place as the other eateries in the vicinity were rather pricey. Nearly 30 minute wait for a seat in the Izakaya. We were lured by the cheap lunch deals and overlooked the applicable hours.


Tons to tempt.



5 types of Sashimi (JPY 1480)

Top marks for presentation and inclusion of sea urchin but portion was that big either. Definitely value for money as compared to those we have locally but for Japanese standards, I was expecting something more.

horse meat

Horse Sashimi (JPY 580)

Disregard the origin of the sashimi and it tasted like beef carpaccio. Mix in the raw egg and the sashimi was actually quite creamy.

Breaded Oysters (JPY 380)

Even oysters in a café tasted so darn good!

Fried soba (JPY 480)

This sweetened noodles reminded me of our hawker staple without the kuay teow. None too spectacular.

more sticks

Yakitori (JPY 880)

We ordered so many varieties of skewers, I lost track which is the most favourite. The charred fragrance is unbeatable.

Yakitori (JPY 980)

More of the stick friends, these are grilled chicken meat with a variety of toppings. Delicious much!


Grilled Eggplant


Grilled Mushroom

minced chicken

The bamboo stem of minced chicken meat came with the bubbling hot pot.


We were supposed to spoon bite sized portions as the soup bubbled.


Hearty broth with heaps of vegetables and fresh chicken balls. While it was just minced meat, it was well marinated and was the perfect dish for winter! I have come to realise the importance of soupy dishes in winter - the best temporal solution to beat the cold.

cheese rice 

Cheese Rice Hotpot

This was very Korean. The melted cheese would have been more ideal with mozzarella as the one used became a crispy salty cheese cracker – almost like the skin of suckling pig.

  ferris wheel 

An indicator of the district, the huge ferris wheel.

By the end of the meal, I learnt how to order hot water – Oyu Mizu. Reasonably priced meal with above average food and a view of Susukino. Smoking is absolutely permissible in the restaurant so it was unfortunate that we had to eat in second hand smoke.

Sumibi Izakaya EnSusukino

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