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Nissin Pop Up Store @ Odori Blisse

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nissin pop up store

We all thought it was a Nissin exhibition with a bunch of people gathering to take photos with the exhibit and it turned out to be a pop up store to launch 5 of its new flavours – how cool!


Touches of a Japanese Ramen shop.


Full range of new flavours, most of them were sold out!


Running telly ads of the new flavours. The ads looping were brilliant – it was a major push factor to tuck into the noodles.


Merchandise with every purchase.


Priced at JPY 200 per bowl, this was slightly pricier than the usual instant noodles at Lawsons. Hot water was dispensed from a heater and depending on the flavour, I had to wait 3-5 minutes before the noodles could be consumed.


Depending on flavour, cooking time is different.


Fellow Japanese giving their slurp of approval.


The soba noodles were as advertised and broth was tasty. The only downside was the fried cracker was meant to be included only after the noodles were cooked, not before. Broth was also delicious, I say the Japs are truly ingenious!


Nonetheless, very impressed by the launch effort and truly, Japan is a instant noodle chomping nation – judging from the popularity!

Nissin Pop Up Store
Outside Odori Blisse

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