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Nijo Fish Market @ Odori, Sapporo


I have a penchant for fish markets because that’s where the freshest is found. Easy access and no tuna auction to watch unlike Tsukiji Market so the expedition to Nijo Fish Market was a lot less tedious. 

nijo market

Finally spotted it!

Neither was there a particular shop that we were looking out for, hence it was whatever that caught the eye would be breakfast! We stopped by one that had plenty of signatures and photos – spotted some Singapore Superstar love!


Rows of seafood, sooooo fresh!


I want!

fish market

Breakfast for this stall seems to be completely adhoc – maximum capacity would be a table’s worth. They do seafood fresh and cooked.


Roasted tea for starters, loved the fragrance!


Simple layout for a gastronomical feast!


Broiled Scallop (JPY 400)

Fresh beyond measure right down to the gravy – flavourful and lipsmacking awesome. I know what they mean by Hokkaido scallops – fat, bouncy and all of good.


Arkshell Sashimi

This is mightily delicious. Sashimi anything brings out the freshness of the seafood in its most natural taste - two thumbs up, always.


Shellfish Sashimi

Crunchy yet fleshy skirt surrounding this shellfish made it all the more delish. What looks like a mass of intestines turned out to be a rich and somewhat acquired buttery taste.


Broiled Clam (JPY 600)

This was definitely tastier than the sashimi version yet I love slurping up the gravy so much - flavourful with a smoky fragrance.


Crab Soup Set


Crab Soup (JPY 300)

Two parts of the crab leg made it into this bowl of soup. All the best elements captured in the broth as sips became slurps and emptying the bowl was not an option anymore.

crab claw

The meat was a tad overcooked but still delicious.


Something about the seaweed that made it so appetizing. 


Chirashidon (JPY 1480)
Scallop sasahimi, salmon roe, rice

The day’s freshest catch in a bowl – scallops and roe. I love the texture and taste of fresh scallops, paired with orbs of roe, simply heaven! The rice was extra tasty with a dash of vinegar and the rest of the time was spent scraping the bowl for more.


Broiled Shisamo (JPY 750)

Their cooked items do not fare that well. Though we requested for female fish, some turned out to be male – without roe and salty.


Broiled fish set meal (JPY 780)

Same goes for the salted grilled salmon, a tad too salty! Stick with their shelled specialties instead.

Warm service and really fresh food. I wish I can be back for seconds! There are souvenir shops that dot the market and they give tax rebates via 5% discounts for tourists. 

Nijo Fish Market

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