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Kareken Curry @ Stellar East Place

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Sapporo Curry is famous. Rather, curry is one of the must-eats when visiting the country. This was one of the restaurants that had a shorter queue so we made a beeline for it. The only favourite Japanese curry dish is curry udon from Waraku which has since pulled its shutters, other than that I hardly choose curry in a Japanese restaurant.


Complimentary salad that came with the sets. Nothing great with the vinaigrette sauce.


Fish Curry

I found the gravy a tad thin and hardly spicy. A poor replica of indian curry.


Chewy mixed grain rice!

breaded ham

The companion polished this off but methinks it had to do with hunger more that taste.


This is possibly the closest to what I am familiar with. Tender pork slices with curry doused over. Hardly spicy and the the gravy was actually on the sweet side.

more curry

Peranakan chicken curry would have won this tons of times over.

Prices ranged from 950 JPY per set, not cheap nor too expensive.  The thing about Japanese curry is it is mostly sweet based and hardly spicy. Mediocre attempt at curry and pork cutlet. It was possibly one of the worst meals of the trip. While they all say that Sapporo curry is a must try, I could have picked the worst place to try it and left definitely unimpressed.

Kareken Curry
Stellar East Place

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