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Honululu Coffee Shop @ Wanchai, Hongkong

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The hongkie grew up eating here and people have been raving about their egg tarts next to Tai Cheong’s. Service is hugely lacking at Honolulu, mostly self service. From finding a table to getting my order taken by the impatient waiter and getting served by a grumpy waitress, it was not the best of all experiences but hey! It is a cha can teng alright. 


Buzzing with activity and aloof waiters.


Old school gone upmarket.

egg tart

Egg Tart (HKD 7)


The must try and must have. This flaky one is a hot seller and the custard is to die for, literally. Possibly topples Tai Cheong but the personal preference of tart base does not make this flaky one a winner for me. Slurping up the wobbly egg custard is great happiness and these get sold out before the day ends! 

thick toast

Butter on toast

My order of thick toast was heard wrongly and all I got was normal toasted bread.


Instant Noodle with ham

Typical hongkong childhood breakfast. 

water cress honey

Water cress with honey drink (HKD 17)

Just a really sweet drink!

If anything it is the slice of the past that makes this place so alluring but otherwise, just stick with the egg tarts.

Honolulu Coffee Shop
G/F  Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai

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  1. L.U.B.T.H.I.S.E.G.G.T.A.R.T.T.O.B.I.T.S!! To die for! Feel like running back there like now... regretted not carting back a plane load of these the last time sobs.

  2. @ice: hahaha, saw that comment coming! sowwie, still with tai cheong on the egg tart war!