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Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel

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Queues on weekdays and perhaps Saturday is perfectly understandable yet on a Sunday? It baffles me so much. At least 10 in the queue when I arrived at 630pm. These diners mean serious business I suppose to start dinner at 6pm.


Wall love.


This 20 seater reminds me of dining in Tokyo, cramped surroundings yet authentically Japanese with the Japanese tunes blasting, deliberately creased Sapporo beer posters lining the walls and of course broken English notices on the walls. The three men chef team promply whips up ramen upon demand.


Tonkutsu King encourages autonomy over one’s food with choices – like my favourite salad shop is D.I.Y., here’s a ramen shop in similar fashion! Amount of chicken oil, flavour of soup and doneness of noodles. Perfect for me, especially when I think the noodles usually end up too soft by the time I reach the last oodle.


Complimentary water and eggs.


As many as you want.


Crunchy love!

pound em


sesame seeds

By the time I finished grinding my black and white sesame seeds, deshells my eggs and figured out where their bonito flakes (or powder) was, my order arrived!

Black Spicy Ramen with all ingredients ($15.80)

Flavourful soup – one that has been boiling on fish and pork bones. Chewy noodle dipping in the flavourful and then here comes the magic, the chicken oil does give the broth a whole new level of depth.


The flavoured egg is quite the bomb with the immaculately molten and orange yolk as compared to the normal eggs. Loved the sesame oil tossed bean sprouts provided free of charge too.


Best ramen around? I second that!  Pork slices cut the right thickness and mildly flavoured. The spice level of this was missing though – barely caused a sniff!

I fathom the queues and  definitely the infatuation of the ramen population. Good things are truly worth queuing for.

Tonkutso King
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