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Convenience store eats Bangkok

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Convenience stores have always been amongst the first few stopovers after dropping off my luggage in the hotel. 7-11 seemed to be the only convenience store around with limited choices. A visit to Big C, their equivalent of a hypermart also resulted in fewer choices than I remember them having.

singha beer

Singha Beer - drink like the Thais do! I actually liked this, light frothy beer.

chilli crab chips 

Chilli crab chips to go with beer. In all the flavouring, I still could not discern chilli crab in it.

cheese chips

Cheese chips that were not that cheesy either!

Fruitare in the childhood years can in a tube and could be easily slurped up. The reason why I even remember it so clearly is because I never had a chance at it - always postponing trying it in the school canteen until it was completely phased out.

red grape

Red grape flavour! I miss eating popsicles like these and this particular one was nostalgically yummy.

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