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Train Bento Set!

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Since Europe I have been intrigued by trains and stations. Not until Japan did I get fascinated with train bento sets.

taichung station

Train stations in Taiwan are a lot less impressive architecturally but still has that old charm about them!

old train

Had the privilege to dine at a restaurant with a nostalgic theme (will be covered separately!) but they had a replica of the old train stations.

old train counter

Counter tickets anyone?

train bento

Loosely translated at Metal Bento Sets as they used to be served in round metal containers.

train bento set

I bought mine just outside the station. Unlike Japan, there are no price differences if you were to buy outside the station or inside or even on board. Not much choice, there were just two. Either 4 or 6 dishes.

pork chop rice

排骨饭 with greens, beancurd and a braised egg! All for NTD 60, I found it delicious even with the soft rice, hard pork rib and egg. Tastes really homemade but it is really just the experience of having a bento set on a train ride that makes the whole difference.

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  1. Just a heads up, it doesn't mean metal bento.

    Taitie (the first two characters) refers to Taiwan Railways.