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Foodtake of 2011

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Twenty eleven by far has been quite a year of its own - the eating continues of course from 2010. Eating as much as it is part of life, has taken on quite a journey on its own. Who would ever know that when I started this, I would have amassed such a shocking number of entries and containers of food consumed in totality!

Alot more travelling required which brought me to several places, a couple of repeats though that gave me the freedom to pick and choose the favourites. Just one restaurant made it to my black list, but let bygones be bygones yea!

Fewer buffets consumed...the lousier metabolism rate bans it. Checking out watering holes seemed to take quite a focus in 2011 as well, I believe I have visited the favourites to death already. 2011 has been a year of Laoban soyabeancurd, molten custard paus and roasted pork amongst other things!

To the travel partners who made it through 2011 with me, I know it has been a great honour letting me decide what and where to eat. Still heartfelt thanks for letting me ruin the first most precious ten seconds when the dish is laid on the table.

To the family especially the sis for still being the greatest and most supportive dining partners, thank you for joining me on this gastronomical journey.

Food bloggers whom I hang out with, one passion, many black knights...may 2012 be even better than this year! Keep eating, keep dreaming of what to eat next...we are what we truly eat. :)

As per tradition, I shall list the Top Eleven that made the year so very spectacular;

One. Andre

Not exactly homegrown per se but Chef Andre, at long last! Birthday or not, he made it to one of the most memorable meals. Dinner in 2012? *hopeful!*

Two. Group Therapy Cafe

Found my comfort hole! Though it's only been 3 visits to date but consistently good food and such warm service...keep the awesome job up ladies! Dreaming of that insanely good carrot cake, always!

Three. Bo Innovation, Hongkong

The shimmer of this michelin starred restaurant probably outdid the quality of food but it was an experience not to forget - ever.

Four. Ember

Yet another that falls snugly into the comfort zone. Every course wows. Every single visit leaves me drooling over the next. So glad I ended the year with such a big delicious bang! Such great pity I only discovered it this year but better late than never right?

Five. Cityspace

How can I ever ever ever ever forget about my favouritest bar! Swissotel owes me a membership card for such ardent support. Bubble awesome!

Six. Morton's Bar

No hidden secret, awesome appletinis, to die for filet mignon sandwiches. I've become such a rambling machine about this place. Only good memories here.

Seven. Da Dong, Beijing

Motherhood of all roasted ducks.

Eight. Naughty Nuris, Bali

All ribs should taste this way! Not just being in such a magical island like Bali but the ribs till today remain so deeply etched in my memory.

Nine. Cherry Garden

My favourite dimsum place this year, though it does not offer my favourite molten custard paus.

Ten. Meng Kee Char Siew, KL

Finally gotten down to eating a piece of heaven. Fats, meat and charred bits...all in one incredulously bombastic bite!

Eleven. Lao Ban Soyabean

The number of repeats done on this one has been beyond numerous. Defying tradition, soya beancurd never did taste the same again.

It is a pity that restaurants continue to open and close so rapidly...but here's to the food scene, only better days await! Happy new year in another couple of hours, here's to happy new beginnings!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Happy New Year to you and Chloe! To more martinis & bubble tea! Alcoholic one hahaha.

    Why 11 best? I don't quite understand haha. Usually it's 10.

  2. @jerlin: 2012 is gonna be greater than great!

    @ice: :))) AMEN to martinis and bubble tea! HAHA...cos it was 2011. So 2012 will have top 12. :P