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Lao Ban Soya Beancurd @ Old Airport Road

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No ordinary soya beancurd, these puddings have redefined soyabean curd totally. Hugely popular amongst JC students, fifty tubs of these were packed for a particular hungry cohort. I cannot agree more with their fascination with it.

lao ban tubs

Throughout my two week craze, I possibly consumed a tub every day. Lao Ban's boss hails from Hongkong and after (a cliche sobstory ensues) several failed business ventures, he found his calling in making soya beancurd puddings. I salute such entrepreneurs though, they never ever ever say die and somehow when they do succeed, their success is well deserved.

Back to the humble soya beancurd pudding. How different is it?

lao ban pudding

Silken soft soyabean curd BUT, the magic lies in the pudding consistency, the way it glides down the throat in smooth fashion. Ok, I found the word for it, it's L.E. Soya Beancurd Tart in a pudding. The pudding is wobbly like jelly and dissolves into soyabean milk so readily, I wonder and fuss about the magic behind it. Not to be done with this fascination, it smells heavenly.

Original and almond flavoured, I love both as much.

By a flicker of defiance, I am curbing my craving for them puddings because the same entrepreneur I was in awe of (for coming up with such a genius dessert!) has since decided to increase prices for the almond pudding citing raw material increase.

$1.50 per tub was bearable, I'm not too sure about the 50 cent increase. For a rough indication, each tub is half the portion of the usual soyabean curd.

Lao Ban

Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Road #01-127

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  1. I would suggest u to remove this post as lao ban was featured in yesterday's new paper stating tat they added coffee mate n malt into his soya bean with gelatine. I feel so cheated as gelatine could nt b steamed but he mentioned he steam his bean curd.

  2. I am having this later YUMS!

  3. MAD YUMS right! boy, im craving some now. :(