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Fruit Paradise @ Orchard Central

A random meet up with a friend landed us at Fruit Paradise, was supposed to be Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery but neither of us were up for the snaking queues and neverending wait. I do not remember being impressed by their tarts when they first opened at Manpuku Tampines and I headed straight down just to check them out.

nutty banana

Nutty Caramel Tart ($6.80)

Tempted by salted caramel cream and nuts, I had a stab at it. Significantly smaller in portions than the last I remember. At least the tart had a biscuity finish, pretty delish but still not impressed by the clotted cream. Custard-based made this a healthier option than the full cream tarts.

banana choc

Chocolate Banana Tart

The pal's which was polished off quickly and deemed healthier than mine since it had less cream.

Somehow, Fruit Paradise does not leave a lingering memory - not quite rushing to head back but if you do need a place to chill and yak with a view overseeing Orchard, Fruit Paradise is worth considering.

Fruit Paradise
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