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Hippopotamus Grill @ Marina Square

I first chanced upon Hippopopotamus was during the Europe vacation, then I did not think much of steak being very much of French cuisine until the numerous dangerous liaisons at Les Bouchons, Au Petit Salut and L'Entrecote (was good while it lasted) that I realised the French do their steak so fine as well! Hippopotamus strives to provide steak at pocket friendly prices - not in the Astons Specialities definition.


Red being their official colour.

hippo sg

Spot the Hippo Singapour mention?

Complimentary nibbles - thick-cut potato chips. Delicious!

Then comes bread hot off the oven.

Almost like sour dough bread but fluffier.
buttered bread

Really hearty with a slab of unsalted butter.

All things looking great already. I even tweeted "Dream a lil dream of Paris" - I missed out on sitting by the cafe on the lawn people watching and tucking into bread.
hippo sig

Hanger Steak ($18.90)
200 grams

The Butcher's Specialty and classified as "giving its best whether rare or medium". Greedy me heeded the waitress' advice and picked this. All of 200 grams, I was already salivating at the description. Comes with 3 sides and a sauce! Total bang for the buck even before I started the chowdown.

Done medium - ooooh so pink and juicy!

Then it went downhill from there.

The exterior was a complete case of deceit - far from tender, I chewed so much and so hard, at least 30 chews per bite. It soon began to wear me out, by chewing! Juicy? Was flung to the back of the mind whilst I concentrated on chewing. Tasteless, almost. Even with a sauce like bearnaise to go with it, I needed ketchup and chilli sauce to flavour it back to life.

I kicked myself hard for picking 200 grams - by far the most torturous chunk. It's like how things taste great in small portions, this was a harrowing one.

To count my blessings - the fries and buttered long beans were great.
potato gratin

Potato gratin a tad oily but still better than the steak!

So yes, everything else shone except the main lead. Doomed to fail? I have no idea but for sure, if I were to be will not be for the steaks.

"So how was your steak?" The waitress said with a sparkle in her eye, almost sure of the answer I would be giving.

I'm sorry I lied, white lies are always easier on the ears.

Hippopotamus Grill
Marina Square

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  1. Thanks for the honest feedback. When I first read ur post, I wanted to try it. Until I came to 'it goes downhimm from there'

  2. hi there! I could be really unlucky though, the reviews online all say otherwise! :(