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Heaven's Loft @ Orchard Central

Until today, Orchard Central's a maze to me. I never knew Heaven's Loft existed until this particular gathering I had.

heaven's loft menu

Dining. Dessert. Bar Loft.

It was evident after 9pm the crowd was there mostly for the bar loft though a small proportion of diners actually continued after dinner to drinks.


Cosy interior.


Chalkboard that's getting a tad over used.


Mexican Spicy Drumlets ($9.90)
Served with blue cheese dressing

We could be over hungry which resulted in this being polished off so quickly. Delicious drumlets coated with a finger licking breadcrumbs and irresistible blue cheese dressing! I ended up dipping everything else in it for the rest of the meal.

beef burger

Grilled Gourmet Beef Cheeseburger ($16.90)
Bacon, sauteed mushrooms, red salad onion, sunny side up, fries with cheddar cheese on toasted burger bun

The egg was not meant to be overflowing like this, obviously it got ruined en route from the kitchen. Tall burgers always excite me yet most of the time end on a sorry note; either too salty or bland. This, fell in the bland category.

fish chips

Beer Battered Crispy Fish N Chips ($18.90)

Did not have a go at this but the companions loved it.


Roasted Free Range Jumbo Chicken Leg ($19.90)
Mashed potatoes and roasted tomatoes in wild mushroom sauce

A chicken confit equivalent, tender and juicy with the right crisp at the skin.

lemon tart

Lemon Tart ($4.90)

An unpleasant sourness that nobody appreciated despite being labelled "signature".


All ready to attack the supposed huge dessert.

monstrous sundae

A monstrous creation with 6 scoops which sounded bigger than it looked. Swensen's earthquake would topple it for monstrosity anyday. Strawberry Cheesecake, Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. In all its sweetness, I actually liked Strawberry Cheesecake.

Service is decent with moderate food...I suppose it's one of the more affordable dining options at Orchard Central. With a bar to boot, it does stand out quite nicely..not too sure if it warrants a return though.

Heaven's Loft
Orchard Central

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