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Provence, I've surely and certainly not forgotten about you!
Each visit to Holland V or Vivo or Central would startle the food directory instincts quite a bit.
Yes, I get blinking alert lights about what's in the vicinity. like a happy disease, a chronic too.

melon pan

Melon Pan

The Japanese version of Bo Lo Bun, only lighter.

red bean anpan

What I dig about Japanese Anpan Buns has to be the whole red beans embedded inside.
I love to taste my ingredients whole, not mashed.
Skin included too.

At least you can set your mind at ease the filling did not come from some pre-bought sack of stuffing.

sweet potato yam pastry

Yam and sweet potato pastry
Methinks the French do pastry better, this was a tad pasty.

butter pound cake

Light Butter Pound Cake

Light in more ways than one.
Adored the vanilla fragrance and awesome aftertaste of this.
Move over Sara Lee.

Tea time made perfect with Provence!
Provence still remains one of the bakeries I continously look forward to their new additions.


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  1. I super love the milk pan & blueberry cheese pan! Try those Phoebe! Don't think much of those wassants though. Don't know why everybody raves about them.

  2. i tried milk pan before...will give the blueberry ones a go! heh, i actually like the kaya wassants..not in a "die die must eat" way tho.