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Marmalade Pantry Revisited @ Ion Orchard

Too much of a good thing can be detrimental. I thought I have found comfort in Marmalade Pantry after the last brunch and dinner visit, in fact I was raring to head back to nurse our cravings for their steak sandwiches and sticky date pudding.

crab linguine

Crabmeat Linguini with Pine Nuts, Tomatoes and Chilli ($22)

Unless the chef does it well, crabmeat linguini may come across fishy. Marmalade's does it just right with a fingerlicking-tongue curling deletable sauce which made this linguini delicious! Liked the mild sweetness of it.
steak sandie

Steak Sandwich with Wasabi Mayonnaise, Caramelized Onions and Rocket ($20)

The last sandwich removed all bad blood and memories but this attempt reaffirmed how inconsistent the Marmalade kitchen can be. At first glance, all looks well.
steak sandie sliced

Purportedly medium, the steak was clearly done medium. Steak was thin and lacked the succulence of the last juicy one. The steak makes or breaks the deal. I'm sore. Disappointed. Confused with their kitchen.
mushroom toast

Scrambled Eggs and Sausages on toast with Field Mushrooms ($18)

The next table's order tempted us so and pronto! We had to have it. In all fairness, the portions are generous but I have to pick on the presentation, it was skewed so much to one side of the plate making it appear "slapped onto the plate". To quell the curiosity, I realised the other orders were consistently so too! Strange.

Anywhow, the scrambled eggs were alright, mushrooms too...sausages rather blah. Boring one here.
dundee cake

Traditional Dundee Cake with warm Marmalade Coulis and Gingerbread ice cream ($12)

It must have been the festive mood set by the lights and menus poppping up. It must have been "Dundee" for whatever it means, I liked the sound of it. Or the "Gingerbread" icecream flavour which I thought was unique. Along came this. I stared longer than I should and had absolutely nothing to say.

Dundee though briefed by the waiter was a fruit cake, I was not expecting a muffin. A dry orange peel muffin.

Next, gingerbread icecream? It's icecream WITH gingerbread crumbs.

ARGH, someone go copyright their menu! New age english? Dumbfounded yet amused at the same time. I say please do not make the same mistake, give this a miss.
carrot cake

The Marmalade Carrot Cake ($7.80)

Once again, based on the prior experience we went with the carrot cake. This arrived way too early into the meal even before the mains were served. A humongous slab of cake, almost twice the size of their usual slices for some odd reason.

Tragic carrot cake, if I may rest my case about attempting anymore of their carrot cakes. Bland pasty carrot cake that clumped together so. The only good thing about it had to be the frosting.
sticky date

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with vanilla icecream ($12)

Moist pudding striking a resemblance to huat kueh. The best of the three though it's supposed to be better. At least I remember it to be better! Gone is the moat of caramel sauce, what remains is a drizzle. Portion seems to have wittled down quite abit too.

I have nothing but sighs for this attempt. Everything that was awesome swung in the opposite direction. Maybe they have different kitchen crew on different days but this is honestly too yo-yo  inconsistent to begin with.

Marmalade Pantry
Ion Orchard

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  1. "gingerbread icecream? It's icecream WITH gingerbread crumbs."

    Haha =)

  2. trust marmalade pantry to be so misleading.