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Marmalade Pantry @ Ion Orchard

the marmalade pantry

Marmalade Pantry used to be at Palais Rennasiance and the first time I read about it was in 8 days...How our mediacorp artistes would rave about the cupcakes before they had their passionate hair fix at David Gan's salon. They used to paint Marmalade Pantry as the place for tai tais and the wannabes to hangout, afterall it was at uber chi chi location!


It's been ages since I visited Marmalade Pantry a visit. During this hiatus, they have since closed all their other outlets leaving only Ion. Probably not as atas as it used to be anymore, I could be wrong afterall it was a weekend when I visited.

steak sandwich full

Steak Sandwich ($20)
with wasabi mayonnaise,caramelized onions and rocket

It was Ribeye then that wowed so many times over. I was crestfallen when it was replaced with steak.

steak sandwich

The stunning display by the kitchen won me over all over again. The knife and fork found its way to relieve the temporal duties of two toasted buns and focused on the steak cooked medium.I possibly relived the Otto moment with the juices overflowing and meat so tender. Beef, I my bestest mate on the menu. I should stop trying to resist the allure of beef and switching to white meats. The only consistent peeve was the bits of fat and excess skin.

Vegetable chips and the side salad was still as refreshing. Years later, I wish for a wasabi spread that is stronger and more pungent perhaps.

I found a new reason to return to Marmalade Pantry soon!

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict ($17)

All day brunch dining is the buzz these days (for the umpteenth time I've noticed), Marmalade Pantry does not lose out either. Choose from eggs done in the usual poached-scrambled manner or pancakes to soothe the bruised ego from work on a lovely weekend.

These were pathetic. Ok, I said it. Unabashedly.

The eggs were like Hatched. Poached, warm and barely budged no matter how much you tried to jab at the yolk. Overcooked eggs are major no-nos for Eggs Benny. I liked the dense muffins though but disliked the fatty slices of ham that came with it.

carrot cake

The Marmalade Carrot Cake ($7.80)

Huge could be an understatement but these are made to rival P.S Cafe's portions. Note that this is just a carrot cake not carrot-orange cake or what other combination the mind can possibly conjure up. Moist and not tooth achingly sweet. Frosting was pleasingly nice. Loved the walnuts and carrot shreds generously embedded.


creme brulee cheese

Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake ($7.80)

Think of a cheesecake so soft without a hint of seasalt but nuts were crushed into the biscuit base. Sitting on the fence about this though two bites of this could say quite a

Cupcakes and Marmalade Pantry have come a long way, at least for me. There was a period where roses lost its charm on lifting the mood...and cupcakes did the trick. It could be the sweet memories behind each time these were given to me but cupcakes from Marmalade are and still my best antidote to a bad day. They have ever since expanded the stable of flavours.

birthday cuppies

Strawberries and Cream ($4.20)
buttermilk cupcake with strawberry icing

Red Velvet ($4.20)
red velvet cake with coconut

William ($4.20)
chocolate cake with william pear and vanilla with butter cream frosting

Bananarama ($4.20)
banana walnut cake with caramel cream cheese

Granny's Apple ($4.20)
spiced apple and cinnamon cake with cream cheese

I could have sobbed and burst into a puddle of silly tears if I had to dramatise my reaction to them. Gone were the familiar soft and moist cupcakes with frostings I cannot bear but lick (my fingers even!) They were dry-dry and well, dry. The heart sank. None of the above deserves much mention unfortunately.

Limonata ($4.20)
tart lemon glazed cake

Thankfully, Limonata did. I jump for joy realising the familiarity was back. At least, all's not lost. ;) 

Marmalade Pantry, the charm's still there. I'm still a fan.

Marmalade Pantry
Ion Orchard

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  1. Such a pity coz MP used to serve the best egg benny. Limonata's my favorite too! But I like Cloud 9 also hehe. The best is still their sticky date pudding.

  2. Aside from the cupcakes, love their crabmeat linguini too!

  3. @ ice: speaking of their sticky chalk's better? heard alot about it.

    @ lorraine: yep! crabmeat linguine, fond memories of that too!!

  4. i agree their cupcakes are morbidly dry =(

  5. Nopes. Chalk's SDP sucks haha. Not worth the trip up there for it.

  6. @ yixiao: sighs..and I thought they were amongst the best around until the last attempt.

    @ ice: got ya!