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Les Bouchons Rive Gauche @ Robertson Quay

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Robertson Quay is yet another charmer that found a fan in me and the dining companions after a good start at Bella Pizza. I initially wanted Les Bouchons at Ann Siang Hill and since parking was putting the ladies off, it was to the other outlet at Robertson Quay then! Menu and prices are the same at both outlets and reservations are unnecessary though, unless a cosy corner is what you need.

wine shelf

The wine corner that got me staring for a good long while.

The dagger of a knife never fails to intrigue me.


Complimentary basket of baguette rolls that were served cold pathetically. Two baskets later, I learnt they just did not bother about reheating them. Over baked perhaps, these were so tough to pry open and even attempt to smear butter on! It could have been the hunger but I managed to stomach one and a half. 

complimentary salad

I am usually a salad person, especially so for salads drenched in tangy sauces as they start off the meal by awakening the tastebuds. It was a tad too sour and veggie leaves a tad too bitter. I couldn't bear to finish it.

rib eye chunk

Grilled Ribeye Steak with "Vigneron" Butter ($32.80)
Free flow of frites, salad

One year ago, this had me at hello. A year later, let's just say I am equally swept off my feet.

rib eye

Beware of the level of doneness, French style. A normal Medium would be considered Medium rare here.
My Medium well was a droolicious shade of pink, each bite had an awesome charred fragrance and beefyness about it.

extra tender beef fillet

Preferred this to the Extra Tender Beef Filet that the companion had. Albeit it was tender and melt in the mouth but it lacked a certain smokeyness and beefy bite that made steak 'steak'.


This comes served with a platter of sauces which I found comfort in horseradish in particular.  I am probably hated by vegetarians in particular but beef once again is proven to be Les Bouchon's forte.

Freeflow of double cooked frites made the night extra zippy. Soggy fries are my kind of fries though their fresh ones are equally delish. Love how the double cooking makes this crispy yet not overly crunchy.

Rustic french cuisine is what Les Bouchons specialises in. No doubt a limited menu of beef, prawns and lamb but I am surely not complaining. The quality of beef used makes dining there great value. Service is not as atrocious as some say but neither is it intrusive. Between Robertson Quay and Ann Siang Hill, I find the latter more alluring. It could be the ambiance and size of the place. That being said, Les Bouchons...still a favourite.

Les Bouchons Rive Gauche
Robertson Quay

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