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Grandview Restaurant @ Macau

grandview restaurant macau

We headed to Grandview in Grandview Hotel for chinese food.
grandview restaurant menu

Fabric drapped menu.

Homecooked soup that warmed the tum greatly but was a tad salty.
sweet sour pork

A cantonese favourite of sweet and sour pork, pity this was more flour than meat.
pork rib

Tasty pork ribs though on the oily side.
char siew omelette

Char Siew omelette came across as one of those homecooked dishes that are whipped up impromptu by tossing in the leftovers in the fridge. Actually liked this heaps!
fish paste

Fish paste was oh-so-boring.
fish cake

Seasonal vegetable with fish cake could not get any more boring.
aloe vera dessert

Aloe vera white fungus was the most outstanding...enough for us to take two bowls each. Mildly sweet, the aloe vera with white fungus was refreshing.

It's one of those dinners that will be remembered because of the dessert. For the record, the rest of the dishes on the menu sounded better than what we had.

Grandview Restaurant

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