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Burger King

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Fastfood fixes are my kind of comfort food. 

bk's big breakfast

Breakfast Set

Nobody does breakfast like Mcdonalds, even if the fare is uncannily yet deliberately similar. Mcds educated us well, unfortunately...too well. Bland scrambled eggs, soft bagel buns and crispy hashbrown nuggets...the only thing I actually liked were the patties that were salty and chewy.

bk love

Double Mushroom Swiss Burger

BK was perhaps not the first to marry beef and mushrooms together but they were the first for me. I loved the whole combination and have since switched from a diehard Chicken Broiler to Double Mushroom Swiss. Yet, of late this fell short with dry beef patties.

double mushroom swiss

I don't deny it could have been the fancier alternatives available that made this pale in comparison. Did not derive the same satisfaction as before.

bk yam pie

Taro Pie ($1.45)

Surprise, surprise...! I found a new love in BK. Their on and off Taro Pie with the smoothest and most decadent tongue scorching taro paste! Similar to Old Chang Kee' off the oven, I say stick with BK.

Burger King

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  1. Ham, egg & cheese croissan'wich is my fav BK breakfast item! Double Mushroom Swiss & BBQ Bacon Double are my fav BK burgers too! haha BK is my fav fast food joint. (:

    Now I feel like croissan'wich for breakfast... =S

  2. oh?? the egg cheese croissan'wich is good? have not tried that...dang, you're tempting me!!
    BK's a fave too!!