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Blue Mist Cafe @ Amara Shopping Center

Blue Mist Cafe is a hotspot for the hungry lunch crowd. Usually packed so reservations are always recommended, especially if you intend to host lunch there. 

Lunch sets include soup of the day and coffee/tea.

garlic bread

mushroom soup

Mushroom soup with garlic bread. Thick creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread that has seen better days. A tad dry.

burger at blue mist

Kobe Beef Burger ($19.90)

Beef burgers are always a weakness, as proven time and again. Whether good or bad, even if there were more exciting options available the first pick would always be the beef burger. To make things worse, throw in "wagyu" or "kobe" I would be done for.

Yes indeed, $19.90 for a set lunch that included Kobe beef would be too good to be true, some part of me just wanted to reaffirm that yet again and again.

I was half hearted about this being a good burger. Rationally it would put a good beef to waste by mincing it..and chargrilling it too! All the natural juices would have been sapped dry with the harsh heat.

The burger probably wins handsdowns in terms of portions as compared to the other lunch specials that the company had; grilled chicken, sirloin steak, pasta and salmon steak. Lightly grilled sesame buns with cheese and a thick kobe beef patty. On its own, it was bland though beefy. Much better than Mcdonalds but somewhere comparable to Carl's Junior. Thick cut salty fries completed the meal.

Kobe like Wagyu are well marbled prime cuts, honestly I wonder if there would be a kobe/wagyu beef burger so good that would throw my socks off, take my breath away and make me forget my surname. Am I ready to be fooled and tempted again? At this present moment, maybe not.

Blue Mist Cafe
Amara Shopping Center

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  1. where are you guys now????? pls let us know where bluemist now after tanjung pagar previously

  2. hi there, i'd love to know where they have shifted too...all the tenants were evicted from amara shopping center to make way for the new shopping mall.