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Summer Palace @ Regent Hotel

summer palace

I'm not sure why but I was under the impression that Summer Palace served dimsum over dinner. With that premise, I was slightly crestfallen (and I honestly should have known better!). Nonetheless, I was in for a lovely visual treat when we were offered a table with a lovely view.

outside view

Not quite your sunset view but it was one of those gloomy evenings yet oddly serene.

summer palace table

One fine setting.


Usual tray of condiments.

century egg tofu

Complimentary appetizer of century egg tofu. I was surprised, really was. My first attempt at what seems to be chinese fine dining. The usual appetizers of pickles made this extra special.

appetizer of roast pork

It was a tussle between the appetizer platter of three items or a plate of roasted meats. I figure, any cantonese can hardly resist the roasted meats.

The roasted pork ($12) was spectacular. Eight slices of heaven, if I may swoon over it. Call me a noob but these totally nailed my idea of roast pork, the 80/20 rule. 80% meat, 20% fats and I gladly savoured every bite. I megawhooper adored the crispy crunchy pig cackling, smokey fragrance and best of all the perfectly marinated pork! Just the right tendency without being too tough nor soft.

bowls of heaven

Eight Treasure Rice ($28)

If I may rant, this has got to be the most expensive bowl of fried rice ever consumed. In my impression, eight treasure probably referred to beans and grains but this had the usual pricey seafood treasures of scallops, shrimp, chives, diced yam, olives, barbequed pork, red and white rice. Each grain was well greased and defined.

What baffled me though was the irrestible fragrance that distracted me so yet upon the first bite, it strangely smelt way above it tasted. Not to say it was not heavenly, however.


Chilled Yam Pudding ($8)

An orh nee version of mango pudding.

chilled yam pudding

Smooth pudding stuffed with yam cubes. Loved how the icy dessert chilled the throat, tasted almost like icecream.

petit fours

Petit fours to round off the meal!

petit fours biten

Honey browned morsels of lotus paste pastries. Crumbly goodness these were.

Service is attentive and food exceeded expectations.

Online reviews have nothing but praise for Summer Palace, being the authentic true blue Cantonese cuisine. I'd love to agree with all of them. Find time to discover this gem, I really cannot wait to be back.

Summer Palace
Regent Hotel

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