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Red Star Dim Sum @ Chin Swee Road

It was one of those lazy Saturday mid-mornings that I felt like dimsum. On a whim, I dragged the companion for dimsum without knowing exactly where to go and we ended up at Red Star. Expectedly packed for a weekend, getting a table was easy but getting the attention of the pushcarts was harder than hard.

red star

Old school.

red star

Memories of Lin Heung rushed back, only with more order. I really miss the insane amount of energy and fuss of a HK dimsum place!


Not sure why but this reminded me of Bak Kut Teh in JB - washing your cups in a metal bowl. Very very odd link but that's how my family used to spend holidays or bored-out weekends, queueing to get across the causeway for the famous Ah Soon Bak Kut Teh fix. It's been more than yonks since I made a revisit.

push cart

The infamous pushcarts.

preserved cabbage

Preserved vegetables that I ended up nibbling on after eternity of waiting.

char siew pau

Char Siew Pau that was tragic. Gummy char siew paste with barely there morsels of meat.


The attempt on Xiao Long Bao was a wrong move, so very wrong. Imagine thick skin with filling made of mostly fat and the soup made its way out of the dumpling even before you bit into it. Neither of us could bare to stomach the last piece.

xlb single

Never ever again.

roast duck

Yummy roast duck with all the grease! Juicy and flavourful meat...I only wish the skin was crispy. At 12 buckeroos, this was pricey but then again it was the most decent item for lunch.

har gao

An order of Har Gao to complete the round of dimsum!

siew mai

Siew Mai's another of those must-orders.

dimsum plate

Nothing too spectacular with clumpy average skin and thankfully fresh prawns. That was it though.


Watery congee that the companion seemed to love.

egg tarts1

Tai Cheong this is certainly not, neither is it Tong Heng but more than decent with the buttery crust and wobbly custard. Consistently a personal favourite through the years. Seems that "Durian Crepe" is their hottest bestseller but I'm holding my horses on that one.

For novelty's sake...Red Star does have a 600gm pau known as Dragon Phoenix Pau and it is seriously horrendously huge!!! I spied a table of 3 tucking into it.

Red Star oh red star...the only reason why I even bother returning is to relive in the nostalgic past that I wasn't even part of. Old school anything is a weakness.

Red Star
Chin Swee Road
7th Floor

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