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Marriott Hotel Takeaways

I had a craving for savoury so huge, I'm not entirely sure why I ended up packing three cakes back. Sugar versus salt, sugar wins. Somehow.

longan mousse

Lychee Mousse ($6)

It could be the finger biscuit that got me noticing it, or the row of plump lychees...I actually liked how the lychees were not fresh off a can but off a branch. The mousse had a certain foamy texture about it, a totally different kind of mousse tasted. Strangely, the cake was not soggy as it looked, tasted most like 雞蛋糕. And I realise, I liked it too the last time round!

marble cheese 

Marble Cheese ($5)

The unassuming surprise. Looked dry but turned out so otherwise. Loved the pleasant cheese taste and foamy texture of this. The only grouse was...where's the marble?

calamansi tart

Calamansi Tart ($4.50)

The most pathetic tart ever, soggy to the max and barely crumbly. Despite that, loved the acidic sour calamansi filling that seemed to increase in intensity with every bite. Yummmeh!

Marriott Hotel

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