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Food For Thought @ North Bridge Road

food for thought

The first visit to the Queen's Street outlet was less than desirable but the sis insisted the standard was way better at North Bridge and nudged me to give it a go. I tried making reservations via email (which was recommended online) but all they could manage was for me to give them a call. Anyhow, my reservations did not go through (and they conveniently brushed aside as "perhaps you emailed the wrong outlet") and thank goodness for an available corner table to squeeze us all in.


First boo-boo, the smoked duck pizza was sold out. Ok, I shall amend more pizzas for the  night.

Second, the menu had explicitly stated to "reserve" the durian mousse in case it ran out. We did, paid for it only to be told that "it was accidentally sold off." when desserts were scheduled to arrive. That hit a raw nerve, s-o-l-d out? That was what we came for! The what's the point of even reserving and best of all paying for it?! No attempt at soothing the soreness, all the poor waitress could do was apologise and get us to replace the dessert. It is akin to reserving for a bag and it gets sold off anyway. Probably not as drastic or dramamama but you get the drift. The nonchalence that FFT took on this incident was particularly annoying, as if it happens all the time and no biggie (really).

Ok, so I've set the tone and mood for the post just right, I'll go ahead with the review.

tomato soup

Roasted Garlic and Tomatoes ($5)
Roasted and mashed garlic blended with tomatoes. Garnished with spring onions and a drizzle of garlic infused olive oil.

Hearty soup with ciabatta bread that would be only type of bread available for the rest of the meal (or so I realise).

chicken pasta

Thyme Roasted Beef Striploin ($16.90)
Caramelized onions with thyme and cream with thinly sliced beef striploin tossed in at the last minute.

I've never attempted beef pasta before, at least not in this manner. Strangely or not, this was actually quite pleasing.

cuban ham pulled pork

Cuban Ham & Pulled Pork ($10.90)
Built on a base of pulled pork, topped with grilled gammon ham and a slice of cheese. Drizzled with a pommery cream dressing

One meaty muscular sandwich packed with so much meat! Their signature pulled pork was much like braised pork, only shredded while cuban ham is almost like honey baked...only thicker.


Honey Hoisin Baby Back Pork Ribs ($19.90)
400g of pork ribs braised with 5 spice powder till tender and marinated with FFT's honey hoisin sauce.

Tasted supremely homemade. Meaty pork ribs but a mile away from Tony Roma's.

food for thought peach crumble

Butterscotch Peach Crumble ($7.90)

This is how FFT bakes makes creates a peach crumble. Cut canned peaches into cubes, sprinkle biscuit crumbs and bake. Thereafter scoop the largest ball of vanilla icecream onto it to cover up the lack of crumble.

Honestly, it was only after I spied dishes of diced peaches waiting to be "made" into peach crumbles that I realise why their was so different from the other dense and crumbly crumbles I ever had.

I loved the hot and cold...but did not fancy the lack of.

food for thought marble cheese

Marble Cheese ($6)

This was in exchange for the famed durian mousse cake. Pretty alright at best. Nothing else can soothe the disappointed tastebud.

food for thought red velvet

Old Southern Red Velvet Cake ($5.50)

With the previous disappointment in mind, I was blown away by this. Moist and sweet this cherry cake was. If this was signature, I would not concur but it was good enough.

I hate to strike an eatery off just because of the service but the experience at Food For Thought left little to desire for inspite of my lemming for their famed smoked duck pizza and durian mousse cake. I don't think too highly of Food For Thought then, yes the glitches and all but if they can "accidentally" sell off the cake", they can "accidentally give your table away."

Yes, I am still sore about it.

Food For Thought
420 North Bridge Rd

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