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Temptations Cake Shop @ East Coast Road

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Gone are the lemon cakes that I grew up with, to my chagrin. In fact they were the first things I asked for upon stepping into the shop. Reinventing the wheel with a bistro, Temptations is back with a brand new shop slot and supposedly a revamped menu as seen from their offerings. Doing away with a signature like lemon cake was baffling though.

Her World's August feature on swiss rolls got me all excited. Polar and Good & Rich have long sealed their positions for consistency.

These are possibly the thickest swiss rolls available, with almost double the layers. Thinly coated with swiss jam or vanilla cream. I had a go at both.

The layer of vanilla cream was almost as thick as the roll it self, light on the palette. Pity the swiss roll and cream did not quite go for me, quite detached in fact. Imagine a dry sponge roll with moist buttercream that did not help gel it together.

Of the two, swiss jam was better. It tasted more congruent though it would have been ideal if fruits were embedded within.

Nice not fantabulous.

$1.30 each

East Coast Road
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