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Nogawa @ Concorde Hotel

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Tatsuya, Nogawa and Aoki have been on the to-try list for quite sometime now and I probably have been such a recorder infront of the parents raving on and on about Tatsuya and wanting to try Nogawa that the parents oddly agreed to lunch at Nogawa. Reservations were advised online and so we did but that was definitely not necessary for a Sunday. Barely filled infact, we occupied one of the two tables for the noon.

Take a glance around the small restaurant and you'd spy snapshots of MM Lee displayed proudly.


Cute toothpick holder.


Eating from a lacquer box is just so addictive. It could be the lil compartments of food or the variety that makes me giddy with delight.


Shikizen Set ($20)
Soba, Tempura, Trio of tamago, unagi omelette, fried salmon and chestnut, Miso Soup

Possibly the most happening bento of the lot with the variety inside. Soba was chewy but that was it. The tempura batter was light and crisp and once again, not the best eaten. The best attempted was at Stella Maris, the lightest batter ever. Comparatively, this was still heavy on the palette. I particularly adored the morsel of sweet chestnut. Similarly, I particularly disliked the fried salmon that was fishy and too salty.


Shake Don ($15)

In all honesty, I was expecting a cold dish and was pleasantly surprised that it turned out otherwise. A bowl of piping hot rice scattered with crimson coloured orbs of fish roe, yellow scrambled egg and a delicious brown of tuna flakes. I totally get the votes on this being a must try, it IS!


A scoop of heaven, I say. The way the fish roe pops in the mouth, the savoury tuna flakes and occasional sprig of green...all the magic. The lovely drizzle of sauce in the rice moistened it quite abit but added the lovely salty finish to the already amazing bowl of ingredients.

Just to sidetrack, I like their well seasoned pickles!

I don't get Nogawa's spoons, honestly. First up, they are reluctant to provide spoons and when they do they are barely the size of a regular soup spoon which slowed down eating alot.


Una Don ($15)


Tori Teriyaki Don ($15)

Both were polished off so fast, it must have been that good.


Special Sushi Set ($30)
Chawanmushi, Unagi omelette, Miso Soup

I probably was not as intrigued by the sushi unlike Tatsuya. The selection was somewhat lacklustre in terms of raw versus cooked. That being said, I enjoyed the raw ones, the way the sashimi slithered down the throat...mmm, the freshness! The same could not be cast on the cooked sushi though, the top right hand one was too fishy to bear. Maki rolls were just alright. 


Chawanmushi consisted of chicken, gingko nut and a prawn embedded deep within. Not the bestest but decent.


The appetizer that I was wishing and hoping everyone else would give up. Shellfish and spinach tossed in wasabi cream sauce...simple bites of happiness.


Fruit to end of a healthy meal.

Service was attentive yet lacked a certain personal touch at times. At least it felt that way. It really is odd when Japanese are highly regarded for their service, Nogawa strikes as aloof at some points though the hospitality was felt when we left and they chorussed farewell.

I wasn't wowed by Nogawa the same way Tatsuya did, a missing something there. No doubt the quality of food is there.

100 Orchard Road, #03-25
Lobby Level
Concorde Hotel

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