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Jing @ One Fullerton

One pet peeve was the price hike within weeks from $38 to $42, albeit not by leaps and bounds. As annoying as the 500 euro price hike on the much coveted double C's. The menu did not look spectacularly different though.

Jing, a place I long wanted to try.

Complimentary chinese tea.

The must-have condiments for every dimsum meal.

Like-minded folks.

I'm not too sure if I am a fan of "take your own appetizers and dessert" arrangement. Maybe the management wanted us to ease the indigestion by taking a short walk to the table but having people crowd round and literally snatch for food...I say, distasteful. Does not help the kitchen makes no attempt to refill the desserts.

Dimsum Selection

Steamed Beancurd Skin Rolls with Prawns and Pork in Abalone Jus

Unimpressed with the prawns and pork ball which tasted stiff.

Steamed Pork Siew Mai with Fish Roe

The stiffness continued to the siewmai. Somehow not a fan of stiff meatballs which made the dimsum taste more processed than it should.

Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

This had a certain "overnight taste" which the Mom attributed to the preserved sausages' oil seeping through. Lacked the addictive whiff of lotus leaf fragrance as well.

Steamed Barbeque Pork Buns

Finally a more decent dimsum item with fluffy buns though it was not suffice for seconds.

Pan-fried Homemade Carrot Cake

Think panfried smooshy-squishy-lumpy carrot cake without the crispy layer even.

Pan Fried Dumpling with Minced Meat

Yummy crispy doughy skin that outshone the meatball.

Baked Flaky Honey Pork Puff

Two tries at this because the first was undercooked. The second attempt was better though the familiar buttery layers with honeyed char siew was clearly missing.

Dimsum selection without Pork

Steamed Fresh Scallops Dumplings

Simply har gao with scallops.

Steamed Crystal Abalone Dumplings

Here's a precious chewy (thankfully not tough) baby abalone with a soon kueh equivalent.

Fried Prawn Dumpling

Light batter

Savoury Dishes

Vinegar Pork Trotters

Y.U.M. with the right pinch of herbs, potency is its name. Loved the sourness of the vinegar and firm pork trotters.

Kueh Pie Tee

Jing took this in its own hands with a vegetarian version of corn kernels tossed in tangy sauce.

Khong Bak Pau with Roast Chicken

Nice twist to the usual favourite.

Cream mussels

Stuck out like a sore thumb with its western herb taste but I liked it anyhow.

Pig's ear with jelly fish

Not a fan of innards, much less ears. I was expecting duck tongue rather than a jellied pig's ear.

Soup (Limited to 2 per table)

Double Boiled Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Pith and Shimeiji Mushroom

MSG-laden soup.

Braised Fish Maw with Chicken and Carrot Reductions

Coloured like pumpkin soup, the starchy broth was decent and better than the dumpling soup.


Sweet and Sour Pork

Crispy morsels of the cantonese favourite, where's my bowl of steaming rice now?

Stir Fried Pork Belly with Garlic in XO Sauce

Tasty dish of pork belly and snow peas.

Wok fried Sliced Beef with Sweet Basil Leaves

Think sliced beef with spare ribs sauce which was a clear mismatch and very odd on the tastebuds.

Minced Duck Meat and Vegetables served with Lettuce

Delish! The meaty cubes and 冬菜 were such a happy combination with the crunchy lettuce leaves. A light way to end the otherwise heavy meal!


Drunken Fresh Prawns in Claypot (3 pieces per portion)

Surprisingly, the broth was greater comfort than the soups dished out. The rich flavours of the chinese angelica root and wolfberries made it wholesome and very tum-warming. Succulent friends of the sea made this all the more gratifying.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab in Salted Egg Yolk

Cholesterol rocketing dish that certainly did not disappoint with good control of the wok fire and balance of salted egg and chilli padi. I wish so much for more stomach space for seconds.

Signature Wasabi Prawns

Some say it's not the best attempted, I say it's good enough. Well fried tempura battered prawns doused in wasabi mayo and mango cubes. The tangy combination was good enough for seconds. I liked how the dish was served piping hot and retained much of the crisp. One of the better wasabi prawns around next to Peach Blossom's. For a buffet standard, this is perhaps the best attempted thusfar.

Steamed Fillet of Chilean Seabass with Soya Bean Crumb Sauce

The crumbly fish fillet was so soft to touch, freshness was key.

Fried Omelette with Oysters

Subpar rendition of the Taiwanese favourite, it was an omelette with shrivelled up oysters. Some chilli sauce would have made this tastier.

Limited to one serving per table

Deep Fried Soon Hock in Superior Soya Sauce

Take a frozen fish and deep fry in the name of "premium" was what this dish was all about. The usually sleeping-dumb tastebuds could actually discern how stale the fish was, that had to be something. Not a fan, definitely.

Chili Crab

Once again, not the freshest crustaceans dished up..the meat was somewhat tough and the chilli sauce too sweet. A Singapore delight mangled by the chefs, sparing only the fried mantous.

Braised Fragrance Rice with Shark’s Fin

Mui Fan or equivalent with measly shreds of shark's fin. I liked how this turned out but not to the liking of the rest of the table.

I reckon these are considered premium items to be limited to one serving per table yet it proved otherwise. Skip all three and save space for the rest honestly.


Ee-fu Noodles with Golden Mushroom

Very pleasantly surprised with this, especially for a buffet. The noodles were so springy and had enough wok hei. Slightly salty but I'm not complaining!

XO Sauce Carrot Cake

Blah, in short. Came across as pre-fried carrot cake cubes with beansprout omelette placed on top.

Congee with Sliced Fish

Nothing great.

Vegetable &Tofu

Baby Cabbage with Garlic in Sharks Cartilage Soup

A bland healthy dish.

Fried Kang Kong with Chef Yong Special Salmon Sauce

Salty one here but I adore the salmon sauce.


Avocado cream with aloe vera

The colour could put any diner off but beyond that lies a creamy and very satisfying dessert that I had three huge bowls of.

Flaky Mini Egg Tarts

A cold and limp version of what should be buttery, hot and to-die-for.

Selection of fruits

One of the more exotic fruit selections available during buffets.

Mango Pudding

Do not judge desserts by its appearance rings true for this. Beneath the cloudy-somewhat mouldy looking appearance lies a wobbly and flavourful mango pud! My main grouse is, they did not bother refilling this!

Vanilla Bean Icecream

A scoop so puny, I swear I saw a guy gasp in disbelief. Vanilla bean specked creamy dessert, no wonder they say good things come in small packages. Worth seconds.

Jing came and went and left me unimpressed. Misses seemed to exceed hits, the view of MBS from afar and the Esplanade seemed to be the redeeming factors. I read Jing's signature dessert is fried durian, any takers?


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  1. What a concidence, I went to Jing last Sunday and I didn't enjoy as much as the ala carte buffet brunch offered at Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental ($48++).

    The service was prompt and I would say they handled the orders very well. BUT they do not have single portions for their dishes. In a way, the meal was not satisfying at all, I wanted to eat but my friends were full.

    And yes, I didn't like the "take your own Peking duck and desserts arrangement", to put it bluntly, I took only 2 egg tarts from the station because my colleague was keen to try.

    Most of the dishes ordered were just so-so and I suspect tonnes of MSG was added considering how thirsty I was.

    Looks like hotel restaurants (e.g. Summer Pavilion and Cherry Garden) are a better bet if not for Jing having the DBS 3-free-1 and single seating.

    How is Hai Tien Lo compared to this?

  2. I wanted to try cherry garden! I always do in fact, no luck with it.

    Agree with the service level..and SAME, i left feeling dissatisfied. Was ur soon hock fresh?

    YES, I have to second the MSG part as well. I was tortured thereafter, esp when I had a play to catch!

    There's so many other better chinese restaurants around. Hai Tien Lo is marginally better. I say save the space for Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin, that's a better bet.

  3. I was more impressed by the Chilean Seabass.

    Soon Hock was tough, not sure if it was due to not being fresh or its cooking style...

    I can hardly remember what I like, perhaps the beancurd with minced meat? Compared to Cherry Garden, all were so good that I was raving to Yuan. Can you imagine me gobbling 2 cha siew baos? Yummy...

  4. i can only remember liking the wasabi prawns and avocado cream. argh! ure tempting me with cherry garden... *drools*