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Chez Leon @ Brussels, Belgium

Belgian cuisine and mussels, I knew that before heading to Brussels. Locally, attempts at the mussels were made at Brussel Sprouts as well as The Mussel Guys.

Chez Leon is perhaps Belgium's most famous export with outlets even in France. Some label it a tourist trap, a gf strongly recommended it...I would have snucked out to the Mussel restaurant just opposite had it not been for the fact the whole street was touristy!

The cosy surroundings as you make your way in and your way out...unwelcomed would be an appropriate word since the waiters seemed to be lost in their own world of shellfish, frites and beer.

Scenes of their flagship store and fellow belgians tucking into their famous mussels.

Complimentary bread. Way too tough for liking, not even butter could save it.

These reminded me of Lawry's and their housebrand condiments.

 These are different from the green lipped ones that most Singapore restaurant use. In terms of taste however, the mussels were small yet flavourful but that was really just about it. The generous servings of blanched celery was acquired but I found it refreshing. The clear broth that came with it was exceptionally tasty.

I did a count of the number of shellfish....a grand total of 40! The cholesterol level probably skyrocketed that meal.

Frites that were signatures of Belgium, crispy on the outside and mushy within. I found it baffling they only had ketchup to dip and not mayo.

Belgium beer thrown in as part of the meal. Frothy fizzy delight. The slight bitter taste made it close to the local brews as compared to my preferred Heineken or Hoegaarden.

Formulae Leon (12,90 €) was a value for money meal in a tourist trap, enough to stuff till I had to be rolled out. Service is hugely lacking at Chez Leons, a greater pity given its location near all the tourist attractions.

Chez Leons
Rue Des Bouchers, 18
1000 Bruxelles

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  1. Ya! What's with tough European breads?!

  2. you could have had the mustard with your fries!! :) we even had it with our mussels.. that was interesting, to say the least.