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Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

Wild Honey is about brunch all day long, perfect for people who do not wake up early enough to catch the sunshine but crave for breakfast at ungodly hours. "Wild Honey, No Place Like Home" has a certain warmth about the tagline. Within, cushy couches and cosy tables fill the dining area.

Banoffee Brulee ($9)
Banana, Caramel, Milk, Honey

The torched meringue vaguely rang a bell...think P.S Cafe's Lime Meringue Tart. Towering. Nearly toppling and tediously swirled. I adore the marshmellowy swirl above the frothy tasty beverage. Barely there banana flavouring but this, satisfied the sugar fix I really needed.

Queen B ($9)
Elder Flower, Honey

A more refreshing zesty drink on the menu, with a pinch of citrus.

English ($22)

Somewhat like the Iron Cast Pan at Graze, the portion at Wild Honey is deemed more than hearty. Wild Honey offers intercontinental breakfast sets to please the fickle. More like to satiate those who wake up feeling "Yemini" or "Japanese." By and large, the variations are all about eggs, scrambled, omelettes or boiled. Our forks were hovering around the droolsome display of ingredients. Sizzling grilled sausages, thick cut toasts, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, grilled tomato, bacon and baked beans! I'm no scrambled egg person but Wild Honey did justice to this, not overly eggy. The baked beans were exceptional when slapped onto the toasts.

Belgian ($18)
Light fluffy waffles with grilled mangoes

French Toasts or Waffles, a nasty decision to make for the fickle-minded.

The waffles were fluffy, no doubt but had a certain sourish aftertaste in the waffles which the waiter insisted was due to the "mangoes blended in with the custard." An explanation aimed to baffle and leave you speechless. The funny thing is, the dough was sour, not the custard. The grilled mangoes and petite blueberries served their ornamental roles well.

Save for the brush with the unhelpful waiter, the rest were by and large a friendly welcoming brunch. Oh, do bring a sweater, the temperatures are freezing.

No Place like Home?...a wee bit of reluctance to confer Wild Honey that but for now, I've found another reason to return.

Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery

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  1. wow you've updated your blog really often this month, keep up the good work yea (:

  2. heh, thanks for reading! Just shows how much I've been eating. :P

  3. Hi there! The Banofee Brulee looks insanely amazing. It just pops! And just to let you know I've added your link to my place ( Makes it easier to follow :D

  4. hihi! thanks for the add! :) i wanna go back just for the banoffee brulee already!