Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Graze @ Rochestor Park

It was a brunch meet up planned way in advance that went through numerous rounds of veto-ing before Graze was decided upon. Rochestor Park was never visited before, the mystery that shrouds behind this place before Dempsey was discovered.

The slightest hint of festive atmosphere.

Find your location..and start walking! Most of the restaurants do not allow cars into them though we saw cabs going in...perhaps an entrance the noobs in us did not discover.

Rochestor Park has a very rainforest-y feel about it, the shrubs, greenery, luscious green..

The outdoor alfresco dining area.

Or cosy indoors?

And brunch begins on a bright note!


Homemade and nice and a perfect way to tempt you to get their bottled goodies.

Homemade honey whose labels kept transferring ink to our fingers.

Complimentary toasts, white, multigrain, wholemeal.

Crusty soft bread that lacked the crunch. Otherwise, the preserved blueberry jam and butter was delightful.

Homemade honey drizzled on top! The honey does not have the usual sticky texture, watery in fact and not too sweet.

Banana Pancakes ($13)
Smothered in grilled bananas, walnuts and redcurrant syrup crowned with ice-cream

Fluffy pancakes with a certain kueh consistency, I found them alright. Was more wowed by the grilled bananas and walnuts, the smokey fragrance and caramel coloured redcurrant syrup made brunch delicious already. A pluspoint about the pancakes, the moderate use of sugar. I'm not a fan of sugar coated pancakes, somehow.

The Cast Iron Pan ($20)
GRAZE Bratwurst sausage, smoked bacon, mushroom, tomato, country potato, fried egg, baked beans and plum chilli salsa

The Iron Pan's quite a novel idea to serve brunch in. The massive amount of ingredients that went in, the only memorable ones were the spicy bratwurst sausage and country potato.The tomato with plum chilli salsa was acquired, almost like kimchi.

GRAZE Prime Rump Hamburger 200-220gm, $24
Bacon, fried egg, cheese, fresh tomato, spanish onion, pickled dill, lettuce and chips

Not being a fan of eggs in general or eggs benny in particular limits your choices muchly. Next best alternative has to be the burger. Caught sight of one on the way and it looked too delicious to miss.

Since young, I've always had a food quirk...spreading out the ingredients seem to make the amount seem more, just like what Graze did. That's how I eat my Mcdonalds' burgers by the way, unabashedly! Two halves of thick toasted sesame buns topped with a mountain of ingredients. The pickled dills and crispy chips found a fan in me. I appreciate the kitchen displaying all the sauces for you to enjoy without having to request, of the lot...the ranch sauce was a clear winner.

The egg was obviously overfried. The spiced patty too salty lacking in bite, too mushy for my liking.

An idea of how Graze proportions the food in their dining ware. Sometimes less is more, too big plates only emphasize how pathetic petite the portions are.

Lemon Tart ($13)
White chocolate and honeycomb

We were all piqued by the descriptions. When it arrived, I was crestfallen. Crumbly tart overdosed with butter, lemon curd with a bite-sized portion of honeycomb that left a burnt aftertaste and white chocolate shavings.

Service at Graze is attentive and friendly, I figure we got lucky that day. Food wise, not hugely impressed. The ambience works more for Graze than anything else.

Rochestor Park


  1. Have you tried the egg ben at Graze before? My friend told me it's nice though.

  2. nopes, was betw the burger and eggs benedict..im not sucha egg fan and managed to convince my friends otherwise. :P riders' egg benny kinda scared me off the other eggs bennies...*oops*

  3. hehs, was put off by the sourish hollandaise sauce and dry muffins..I read that you enjoyed urs though!