Province, a Southeast Asian culinary trip

~Invited Session~

Province is an intimate eight-seater restaurant where chef-owner Law Jia-Jun explores the diversity of Southeast Asian ingredients, flavours, and hospitality. More than a restaurant, Province serves as a platform for discovery and discourse about the quality and vast variety of produce available in Southeast Asia. 

Refreshed every three months, Chef Law’s seasonal menu puts the spotlight on fresh seasonal ingredients grown in and sourced within the Southeast Asian region. He draws inspiration from his childhood, culinary journey, as well as the people he has encountered along the way. As guests make their way through the meal, they will also encounter these personal memories and stories.


Rice ‘Toast’ with charcoal seared prawns

Chef Law’s intense gastronomy background comes from memories of his childhood that was filled with good food that was lovingly prepared by his family, with their own creative creations. The rice’s ‘toast’ is a grilled chicken topped with lightly seared prawns, a little like a carpaccio, to signify the start of a different journey.


 Ah Ma’s Popiah

This is a little wrap that encapsulates traditional popiah flavors with different ingredients. House-grilled bak kwa, tempeh crispies, chye sim, and oyster sauce combined on an egg crepe.


Local Frog Leg Yakitori Quinoa and Charred Calamansi

We discsussed our mutual love for yakitori here in Singapore; this was the inspiration behind this dish. Chef Law swapped the poultry meat for frog meat, and the brininess was a great foil to the charred citrus taste of the calamansi.


Grilled Squid with Pomelo, Betel Leaf and Savory-pickled Spring Onions

I loved how Chef Law uses astringent and savory flavored vegetables to bring out the smoky flavors of the grilled seafood. Truly masterful.


Broccoli, Kohlrabi, and Mustards

This reminded me very much of something that I would have had at the now closed Salted and Hung by Chef Drew Nocente. Chef Law uses methods such as dry-aging, curing, and frying dried vegetables to create intense smoked flavors that would get me happily eating my greens.


King Blue Oyster Mushrooms, Fermented Mushrooms, Croutons, and Chives

Chef Law continues along the path of layering similar ingredients done in different style to achieve a single string of harmonious flavor. This dish is absolutely delectable and could even go along with a carb option.


Local Halibut, Ah Hua Kelong Clams, Garlic Scapes and Barigoule Sauce


Singaporean-seafood meets French-style of seafood cooking. You will rarely meet a competent version of Barigoule sauce here in Singapore, and Chef Law demonstrates his skills and raw talent in being able to execute such a difficult dish with finesse.


Roasted Poulet, Yam, Black Vinegar, and Coriander

Chef Law decides to end the mains of the night with chicken, a highly unusual option. What is even more unusual is that he imbues the chicken thigh slice with almost full-blooded flavors of beef achieved through a clever rendition of yam and black vinegar combination, akin to a wine jus with steak. Very, very clever.


Starfruit with Tangerine Gem

The first dessert of the night is a refreshing citrusy one, to have a break from the intense flavors of the main dishes.


Berangan Bananas, Indonesian Vanilla Chantilly, Mille-Feuille and Rum

And in time for the grand finale of the night. Mille-Feuille is Chef Law’s favorite pastry and he decided to incorporate locally and regionally sourced Asian flavors into his dessert dish. Berangan bananas are usually less sweet and a bit tart, which leaves the meal to end of a light note even with the vanilla cream and rum. Bravo for its execution.

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