Memoirs of Nanyang, 藝 yì by Jereme Leung

Memoirs of Nanyang by 藝 yì by Jereme Leung  1

 ~Invited Session~

yì by Jereme 2 Leung invites guests to discover an exclusive menu, Memoirs of Nanyang, curated 3 by MasterChef Jereme Leung as he makes a return to Singapore. Chef Jereme 4 Leung's return presents a dining journey, artfully blending his fond memories 5 of Southeast Asia and the abundant produce of Malaysia, seamlessly harmonised 6 with his mastery of Chinese culinary techniques, resulting in a unique and 7 delightful epicurean adventure.

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Memoirs of 10 Nanyang is a showcase of Chef Jereme Leung’s artistry of blending cultures and 11 flavours of Southeast Asia through their connection to provincial Chinese 12 cuisine. Nanyang, meaning 'South Seas,' traditionally represents the dispersion 13 of Chinese communities who relocated and established themselves in Southeast 14 Asia, blending their deep Chinese heritage with the diverse cultures they 15 encountered.


Inventive 16 Amuse-Bouche to start

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I 19 especially enjoyed the home-made pickled Sarawak Sweet Pineapple and Kedondong. 20 The tartness is sure to get those digestive juices pumping.


Curated 21 appetisers featuring the tastes of Nanyang


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The 24 deep-fried crab roll with Malacca shrimp paste and Ipoh Guava Salsa was the 25 most memorable of them all. It truly captures Chef Leung’s Malaysian 26 background, using truly local ingredients in a most innovative manner.


Hot & 27 Sour Basil Chicken Consomme, with Geoduck and Cameron Highlands Stem Lettuce

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