DurianSGPrime – Cheapest Durian Delivery in Singapore!

 ~Invited Session~

Durians seem to be in season all year round and it’s gotten to a point that every other month we are eating durians. Competition has definitely picked up too with sellers doing same day deliveries, free delivery with minimum purchases and some even pre-orders.

DurianSGPrime are the first durian sellers in Singapore to bring durians from mountain plantations and that means, middle men fees are excluded = more savings for consumers! (Think 20-30% savings)

The durians arrived vacuumed pack and if you need them urgently, they can be delivered under express service within the hour – perfect for last minute gatherings! Vacuumed packed for freshness and that whiff upon opening the boxes – absolutely death by stench for non durian fans – we all inhaled the durian parfum like ants to honey. LOVE.  


Old Tree MSW

Also harvested from the Famous Tiger Mountain, this Old Tree MSW variant is famous for its super soft, creamy and rich flavours. More on the bitter sweet profile, this too was finger lickin’ so good. 


Black Gold

Black Gold is a premium durian breed and purportedly one of the best durian varieties from the famous Tiger Mountain in Pahang.  The bitterness is really intense, very creamy texture and there are hints of liquor. Sucha complex taste profile and it is really addictive. 


I love that the seeds are skinny, which means plenty of meat!

Would suggest having this last for better enjoyment of the fruit!


Each box contains approximately 800g of durian meat (YUM) which is derived from approximately 3.2kg of husked durians.

We were recommended to have a mix up for a more diverse taste experience and boy, were they right!

Also, DurianSGPrime offers both dine in, pick up and delivery options. Take your pick and be on your way to stinky breath. πŸ˜Š


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