Seafood Paradise Celebrates 1 @ Vivocity

 ~ Invited Session~ 


Seafood Paradise has to be one of my favorite Chinese seafood restaurant in the whole of Singapore. With hearty portions that is value for the quality, Seafood Paradise seeks to marry both traditional and modern Chinese techniques found in many types of Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Teochew, and Hokkien.


I got to taste the special 50% off dishes that Seafood Paradise is introducing in the whole of March, as well as other house specials that is probably not found anywhere else!


Fried white bait fish in salted egg yolk sauce

This is the starter that everyone needs to order here. If you are here just for snacks, this is perfect with beer. We had several helpings of this!


Stir-fried Japanese ‘La La’ clams with spicy garlic sauce (50% off!)

This was a great start to the meal. This whetted our appetite with the fragrant and spicy garlic sauce, and I wish I had a bowl of rice! But I had to pace myself, since I was in for a feast. The big juicy clams were a big hit with everyone there and this dish was gone in less than 5 minutes. 


Poached tiger prawns with Chinese herb in superior stock (50% off!)

Of course, the ingredients that are used in the stock is a closely guarded secret of the Paradise Group’s. This is a really wholesome dish that was really perfect since it was raining the day we tasted this dish. The prawns were expertly poached, and were plump and very juicy. This is definitely something I would order at Seafood Paradise at 50% off, or even at full price!



Salt-baked Sri Lankan crab

I had expected them to serve butter or chili crab, but this was a really refreshing change from the usual crab dishes. Although the crab was baked in salt, the insides of the crab were still very juicy. This really brought out the fresh brininess of the crab and I enjoyed this immensely. 



Boston lobster tossed in salted egg yolk (50% off!)

Salted egg yolk goes well with any seafood, and I really like stir fried lobster. This is a finger-licking good dish that needs to be attacked with your bare hands. You will definitely leave here satisfied with this dish.



Lychee pork ribs

Now this looked like the perennial tze char favourite, king pork ribs! Of course, there are some tze char places that also served the marmite or other versions of the dish, but I had to say this was on the sweet side and definitely a good foil to the fattiness of the pork. 



Spring roasted chicken with fried garlic

Oh this was so good. Fresh chicken, juicy and tender, roasted with such finesse and expertise, and dusted with fragrant garlic and a hint of shallot oil. Definitely great with some cold beer, or some chili and rice. So yummy.



Seafood mee goreng

I was slightly disappointed to note that this dish wasn’t part of the promo! I would definitely order this every single time I come to Seafood Paradise. 

Now, there are some places in Singapore that purport themselves as the ‘inventor’ of this seafood mee goreng (like how they claim to have invented chili crab), but for me, no other place does the seafood mee goreng justice like how Seafood Paradise does. Stir fried to perfection, not overly soft, not too undercooked, just with a great, chewy bite. I love that the seafood sauce is also not too sweet, something that is a pet peeve of mine when I try other versions of this dish at other places. It certainly also doesn’t hurt that the prawns are just on point and super fresh as well. 

Seafood Paradise is running the 50% off promotion with different dishes each week, exclusively for Citi Credit or Debit Cardmembers and PGR members!

Tuck into fresh and succulent live seafood, and indulge in the natural sweetness of the ocean. Available daily, enjoy 50% off a different signature seafood dish every week, over a period of 6 weeks.

11 Apr – 17 Apr: Steamed Scottish Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic