The Durian Bakery - A haven for durian treats!


The good thing about Covid has to be the surge in the number of food delivery options – and the sweetest thing is being able to order on the same day and getting it delivered within the next 2 hours. How spoilt have we become, really.

Durian fans rejoice – The Durian Bakery is here to tempt with an assortment of durian treats! Just on cakes itself, the variety is a mind boggling 8 types ranging from crepe cake, cheesecake, icecream cake or just the plain old durian cake. 



Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake 6″ (People’s Choice) ($78)


The people have spoken and for a start, I had to give their original a go. Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake layered with mao shan wang pulp before being topped with fresh whipped cream. In all its lightness, I actually thought having it the next day was better! The durian taste fully infused in every bite.

Signature Durian Dessert Box ($75)

This is the best of all worlds with an assortment of durian treats – Super Burst MSW Giant Puff and Snowy Mochi.


While I thought the giant puff pastry was on the hard side, the pungent and creamy fillings more than made up for it – and super generous too!   


The mochis too are the best, so chewy and bite sized (which makes for half the guilt!)

By a stoke of luck, the aunt actually sent these over for my birthday. What a major surprise considering she is based on Australia and she somehow read my mind and the coincidence even!



24k Black Gold Durian Crepe Cake ($128)


This is an opulent looking cake with 40 layers of charcoal crepes, 5 layers of their signature MSW SilkyGold™ Durian Puree and a generous sprinkle of 24k gold flakes. 


Super creamy, this is one that will bust all diets and just the perfect treat to end the work week on! 



MSW Royal Pudding (Box of 6 Cups) ($48)

Also part of their patisserie range  are these royal puddings.

These 100ml MSW puddings are really good! Soft and creamy like mousse, totally melt in the mouth goodness. The durian pulp is truly the cherry on top of the icing, delicious! I like how this is not as heavy as most durian desserts, in fact, really light.

The Durian Bakery has so much to offer, I’m sure you’d find something you’d enjoy too!