Flavours of Rajashan @ Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel Singapore

 ~Invited Session~

I had the pleasure to taste Chef Kuldeep Negi’s Rajasthani dishes, inspired by his culinary trips to the ancient capital city with its own distinctive culture. The Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore presents a special Flavours of Rajasthan menu with an exquisite smorgasbord of culinary delights, available from 13 – 27 January 2022. 


‘Kanji Vada’, a cold soup starter alike gazpacho

We began the dinner and Chef Negi immediately showed off his depth of culinary repertoire with a bold choice of a cold soup starter. Kanji Vada is a Rajasthani delicacy of deep-fried yellow lentil dumplings served in a refreshingly chilled mustard and asafoetida water. This whetted my appetite and I couldn’t wait for the next few courses!




Lamb chop with onions, coriander seeds, and cardamon. ‘Banjara Gosht

The first meat dish of the night showed that Chef Nagi really meant business here; a masterful showcase of bold spices and smoky flavors with flowery cardamon peeking through every bite. This had to be one of my favourite dishes done by him. 



Chicken breast cooked in yogurt, almond paste, and ground mace, ‘Murgh Mokul’

 I love murgh-related dishes and how saucy this was; this had nutty and tangy flavors for days and it was the perfect accompaniment to some of the smoky flavoured dishes that was showcased today.


Indian basmati rice with gram flour dumplings and yogurt, ‘Gatta Pulao

You can’t go wrong with the rice dishes here. Tangy and chewy and fluffy all the same time, this can really be eaten on its own!


Yellow lentil curry with wheat dough balls cooked in ghee. ‘Dal Batti Churma

The lentil curries here are always spot on and this was no exception. Expect rich decadent and nutty flavors of smoked lentils, with the lushness of the best ghee you can find, and a chewy dough ball to soak up all that kaleidoscope of flavours.


The wine list! Lovely Tuscan Italian red that we had to go with the dinner.

Don’t forget the wine when you are here. We had a lovely Rosso di Montalcino, a lovely fruity Tuscan red that went very well with the heat of the dishes. I always love pairing fruity reds with Indian food and I was glad that the sommelier read my mind here.



Selection of ‘Bajire Ki Roti’ and ‘Methi Parantha

To top it off, enjoy crispy wheat parantha or chewy roti to have a total carb overload and you can always tell yourself that the diet starts tomorrow. Curries and roti are now. 

The Flavours of Rajasthan is $88/++ per guest for lunch and dinner, and an additional $58/++ for wine pairing (which was totally great we had 4 wonderful types of wine presented to us).


Tiffin Room

Raffles Hotel Singapore