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Raffles Courtyard x Shen Tan

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 ~Invited Session~

Shen Tan of Ownselfmake Chef and OG Lemak has collaborated with Raffles Courtyard and presents her own zany food creation. You know you will be in for a good treat whenever you have the chance of trying her dishes. I followed her since her Wok and Barrel days and always craved for her unique take on classic favorite dishes.


Bee Tai Mak-velous Ulam Pesto

The meal started off with Shen Tan’s stroke of genius using pesto with bee tai mak dish.  She topped the dish with cured barramundi, fresh salted egg, and delicious and glistening prawns which were really juicy. Ikan bilis and cherry tomatoes round off the umami bomb that is this dish.

I highly recommend you eat this dish with her signature sambal, because life is a mistake without chili.



SG Lard (Lao) Ban Mee Sambal Noodles

You’ll be surprised at how filling this dish is. Wok-fried thick ban mee, served up with a heaping pile of lard sambal and runny fried egg, with yummy caramalised 5-spice pork slices. Truly reminds me of her good run at Wok and Barrel. If you haven’t realised by now, Shen Tan’s food is really, really heavy on the lard. Which is fantastic.


Orh-Nee You (Sweet Wu Kok)

If you only had stomach to eat one dish, this is surprisingly the dish for me tonight. Sweet and crisy taro puff that would not look out of place in a top dim sum restaurant, that are covered in deep fried bee hoon. The star is the taro puff itself, with a luxurious gula melaka middle and even more gula melaka, that is in a butterscotch form drizzled onto it, and with a rich coconut ice cream garnished with lard-fried shallots. This, is the ultimate flavor bomb of the night. 

The Raffles Courtyard x Shen Tan collaboration is available daily until 15 Sep, from 3 – 9pm. Be sure to get there soon!


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