Shabu Shabu Gen @ Shaw Centre

The visit to Shabu Shabu Gen has been one on the cards for the longest time and reservations are easy to get (major plus point these days) and we were possibly just one of the three occupied tables for the night. 

The menu at Shabu Shabu Gen is short and very simple. There are sets and ala carte orders. The sets comes with vegetables, rice or noodles. Dessert is separately charged and it seems they only offer fruit. 


We start out with a beef appetizer, braised beef and it's super tasty! 


The trio of sauces that accompany, I ended up liking all 3. 


A5 BMS Ribeye 8-12 ($180)

Kagoshima beef


A5 VNS 8-12 Sirloin ($235)

We definitely splurged out on this meal with such high quality beef and when they arrived I questioned if there was even enough to go around. The marbling was beyond beautiful and I was cautious not to overcooked my precious portion. 




Ribeye clearly had more fat and sirloin more flavour. Both were very outstanding and the portion given was more than enough actually. I always overlook what fatty meat does to one's digestive system. 

The vegetable portion too was more than enough for two of us. I'd have to admit everything was top notch, even the leeks tasted different and the very reason why Japanese produce can command such high prices. 


Wagyu Tongue Shabu Shabu ($85)

We had to order a side of tongue because I've had it grilled many times over but never shabu shabu. Loved the sinewy chew and tenderness of it, worth the top up! 


There is an option to have the meal with rice or udon, go for both if you can - different experiences with both. 





The waiter advised us to mix the raw egg and mirin together and dousing my noodles with it. Best decision ever, in all its gooeyness, it was all of creamy and delicious.

As expected the meal did not come with dessert and I could top up for fruit I liked but nah, the indulgence can end with quality Japanese beef. 

I get why Shabu Shabu Gen has a loyal following and I get why too, there is no other shabu shabu restaurant that pairs up with the quality too. Authentic experience and you get what you pay for. 

Definitely would love to return, lunch is a cheaper alternative too!

Shabu Shabu Gen

1 Scotts Road #01-15