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Dumplings Ru @ Maxwell Chambers

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 ~Invited Session~

 I've never had Russian food or even Ukrainian food so this opportunity to experience both came at the right time! Located at Maxwell Chambers, the restaurant stands out for the mannequin drapped in finery that stares right at you, at the entrance. I'm not sure how diners take to it at night but it would definitely suit Halloween very well. is the brainchild of Russian owners, Vadim Zoubovski and his wife, Alena Zubovska. Missing the comforting taste of their grandmothers’ home cooked Russian food, they began preparing Russian dishes with the very same recipes they grew up on. So yes, I was all ready for some hearty homecooked Russian food! 



Shuba ($9.90)

Salted Herring Salad



Beetroot and potato salad does not sound like much on description but this is totally something I will order again. Tastes way better than it looks! The salted herring like smoked salmon, gave the dish a savoury kick amidst the sweet flavours of beetroot. Yum! 



Ukrainian Borscht ($9.80)

Minnetrones and borscht soups are not my favourite soups but this tangy broth changed my impression of it. Very appetizing and hearty, the portions are great for 2 and comes with a side of rye bread. 


Combo Platter ($19.90)



Dumplings are a must, given the restaurant are named as such! Russian dumplings are similar to chinese dumplings with its thick skin. We had an assortment and we had a good time playing roulette with the flavours - I enjoyed the salmon best! 



 Pork and Cheese Chebureki ($12)



This street snack reminds me of our curry puff, with more pastry. Loved the layers and fillings! This was really addictive and something I would order on the streets of Russia. 


 Medovik ($7.90)

Honey cake gets me weak on resolve all the time and diet gets thrown out of the window. Their version was crumbly though and really sweet. Meant for those with a serious sweet tooth!


I enjoyed this experience and my impression of Russian food is miles apart from what  I originally had and do pay this place a visit if you'd like a different dining experience! Their fermented rye drink is actually really good too!  


Dumplings Ru

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