Tiffin Room x Meatsmith Little India @ Raffles Hotel

 ~Invited Session~

Meatsmith Little India is one of my favourite restaurants ever. And when I saw that Tiffin Room
was going to do a collaboration with them, I jumped at the chance to try the food.
I awaited the literal fusion of a great culinary spread, with authentic North Indian specialties
alongside Indian-accented southern American barbecue delights. 


Jointly presented by Chef Kuldeep Negi of Tiffin Room and Kurt Sombero, Head Chef, Meatsmith Little India, I was in for a gastronomic treat that night at the historic Tiffin Room, with the best ingredients from the local Tekka Market and around the world.


The 3 starters!

We were treated to 3 amazing starters to kick off the wonderful evening. Cured Fish Biryani
Nigiri (which was a delightfully unexpected way to eat sushi), Ikura Papadum (my favourite
starter, more on that later), and Oyster Leaf and Cabbage on a stick, (which tasted pleasantly
meaty surprisingly!)

Ikura Papadum had me going damnnnnnn!

This had to be my favourite appetizer. We all love ikura, but together with the dill and mustard
with white cheese, it gave the papadum a whole new flavour dimension.


Curried Granita Carabinero

These beautiful deep-sea prawns are often one of the best prawns in flavour, and Chef
Sombero’s stroke of genius using curried granita gives this an extra texture oomph to a mere
seafood curry. Those curry granules pack a punch in flavour, and I think this would go
immensely well with a glass of chardonnay.


Presenting the signature Tiffin box!

I always loved the signature North Indian food in the Tiffin box. The lamp chop masala is a
definite must-try. Smoked in the tandoor until it is fall-off-the-bone tender, it is then cooked in a
deep and rich masala sauce that is enhanced by mutton fat. You can’t eat this without naan.
And the fish biryani is also something you should save stomach space for. It’s not very common
to have a dry baked fish biryani here in Singapore (hey, what’s your recommendation for a
good biryani here?) that is cooked in fish oil, so if you haven’t popped your Omega 3 pills today,
this is the dish to gun for.


Garlic and butter naan is my favourite default naan

Nothing can go wrong with rich and pillowy naan. Tiffin room’s are so aromatic and chewy, I
wish I could tabao some back home.


Who could forget the Domaine Des Oudes Thaleb Syrocco Syrah?

When having rich North Indian food, we were recommended to try a Moroccan syrah. This is a
great example of a very drinkable syrah, with a tart flavor nose as you first whiff and taste it. It
relents itself to a creamy and nutty swirl in your mouth followed by a finish with dark berries and
slight peppery heat. I thought it went very well with the main course dishes and you should
certainly give this unheralded wine a chance!


My favourite dessert from Meatsmith Little India

I must have had this dish 5-6 times, and each time a little different from its previous iteration.
This version has intense charred flavours of coconut and slightly fermented jackfruit. It is hugely
satisfying and dislodges the cloying flavours of the main dishes in a sophisticated manner. It is
as much a dessert as a palate cleanser.


Besan burfi and chenna murki

And the classic Indian sweets are served at the end of the meal. These are very much your
traditional sweets and do expect heavy flavours, just like how the whole menu was intended to

The Tiffin Room x Meatsmith Little India collaboration menu opens on 22 April 2021, and last all
the way till 6 May 2021, daily for lunch (12 – 2 pm) and dinner (6.30 – 9.30 pm). The lunch set
is at $98++, with a vegetarian set option at $88++. Wine pairing is an additional $58++ and you
get a sommelier’s selection of wines along with every course of your whole meal.
The dinner set is at $118++, with a vegetarian set option at $108++. Wine pairing is an
additional $58++.