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Seafood Paradise @ Vivocity

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 ~Invited Session~

After a two year hiatus, Seafood Paradise is back! Bigger, better and of course, with it a slew of unbeatable promotions. To celebrate its reopening, the restaurant is holding a month-long promotion: 50% Off Nostalgic dishes. Talk about WOW, no wonder tables were full when I had the tasting.


Deep-fried Cheese Bacon Roll ($12.80,4pcs)

I love my deep fried snacks and toss in cheese, you have a winning receipe, except, it was a tad too saucy.

  Crisp-fried Baby Squid ($15.80)

MUST TRY. These crunchy nibbles are so addictive, I can easily polish off a plate on my own and live to regret the next day. 

Poached Live Tiger Prawn with Chinese Herb in Superior Stock (Drunken Prawn) ($29/300g, $41/450g, $53/600g)

Succulent prawns in an equally comforting broth, this is so good! Great for rainy days and the broth on its own is already a winner.

Promotion alert! From 3 May to 9 May: Poached Tiger Prawn in Superior Stock with Chinese Herbs is going at 50% off and limited to one order redemption per table per bill.


Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper with Preserved Turnip ($9 per 100g)

Seafood places do steamed fish best and Seafood Paradise does a mean job with this beauty. Perfect timing and the texture of the meat has a bite and the crispy preserved turnip is truly the icing on the cake. White rice is a must for this dish and no regrets.

From 26 April to 2 May, this Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper with Preserved Turnip is going at 50% off! Limited to one fish redemption per table per bill.


Baked Pork Belly Rib with Honey Pepper Sauce ($8.90/piece)

This reminded me of champagne pork ribs somehow and they thoughtfully wrapped each rib with foil so it makes eating casy. Meaty and saucy, the honey pepper sauce is barely spicy too! 

Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce ($15.80 (S), $22.80 (M), $30.80 (L))

Be in for a treat with this dish of kang kong tempura which makes eating greens so enjoyable - especially for those who don't love their greens! I absolutely enjoyed picking at the crispy greens and the super tender cuttlefish!


Popular Singapore Style Chilli Sri Lankan Crab ($9.50 per 100g)
Signature Creamy Butter Sri Lankan Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs ($9.50 per 100g)

So stoked to get to try both flavours at once! I had my reservations about the butter crab and coconut crumbs but holy moley, it was that signature dish that got me so sold! I love the balance of sweet and savoury here, so good the fried mantous came in so handy in mopping up all the sinful sauce. Obviously the crabs were meaty and I really have no qualms getting my fingers all icky and dirty for good crabs.

Their chilli style crab although good still lost out to the butter crab dish.

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade and Sour Plum Juice - $5.80)
And dessert is a must to cool things down especially after a heavy meal! I would recommend this, very refreshing and a great palette cleanser too!  


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