Tiffin Room x Samy's Curry @ Raffles Hotel

 ~Invited Session~

The Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel has always been on my list of die-die must try restaurant in Singapore. I have always been interested in colonial-style North Indian menus and the Tiffin Room serves up one of the best in Singapore. So how would this stalwart establishment top what it has to offer, when it is already so good and at the top of its game?

Why, you rope in your brother from the South!

The Tiffin Room has invited another chef into its kitchen, and this time it is Samy’s Curry, the grand dame of all South Indian family restaurants here in Singapore since 1960. The Tiffin Room x Samy’s Curry has concocted a delectable menu that consists of all favorites from both restaurants, albeit with a local Singaporean twist!


Billercart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne

One can never have too much bubbly! Ask for the signature Raffles Hotel x Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne and have a lovely perky start!


MS Fratelli Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc 2015    

Did you know that India produced wine? Me neither! I was served a wonderful white from MS Fratelli, created by renowned Tuscan winemaker Piero Masi together with Sekhri brothers Kapil and Gaurav, and Mohite-Patil brothers, Ranjistsinh and Arjunsinh. Delicious on its own, this white has pronounced yellow fruit flavors with a light floral nose. Wonderful roundedness and refreshing acidity makes it for spicy food as well! These are the brother I want to have.



Tandoori prawn is a standout!


The dishes keep coming and flowing, however this starter is a must try. It is rather unusual to have seafood in India cuisine, especially shellfish, since most of the seafood would be fish. The Tandoori Prawn is perfectly charred and grilled, with delectable masala spices and pepper. Remember to eat this with the mint yogurt that they serve with the bread, and it would be a perfect treat.



The MS Fratelli Sangiovest/Cabernet Franc/Syrah 2018


And then they broke out the second bottle of Indian wine tonight. The Italian influence is very heavy on this one and if you had me doing a blind tasting, I would have thought this was an Italian red. Dark berries and with an earthy nose, and tasted of ripe red summer berries that was a bit dry with sharp tannins. Tasted like a young red Italian wine, and if you do pick this up somewhere (there’s a local distributor in Singapore), you could either break it out immediately to drink, or wait about a year or 2 for it to have even more refined flavors.



First up, North Indian mains!


I was treated to a most wonderful lamb biryani and Dal Mukahni. Wonderful flavors bursting with every bite. It was super tempting to stuff myself with carbs along with the food but I held my ground because I know if I did that, the meal would quickly soon be over for me. But the most delicious of them all was that Scallops Curry. I love seafood curries and it was super interesting to see what the Tiffin Room had done with it. The scallop is slightly charred on a pan and then cooked in a fish curry. Needless to say, you probably can have a bowl of rice just to go along with that delightful dish.



Samy’s to the fore!

And then it was Samy’s turn. Mysore mutton, Chicken Marsala, Fish Curry, Garlic Butter Naan, I must have finished one whole pot of naan by myself. It just made everything seem so good, all the curries were swept up efficiently by me wiping my naan on the pots and ‘cleaning’ the curry off them.


Amrut, the king of Indian whiskies


And I was rolling in my chair and wondering how else could they top the meal. And there it was, our waiter for the night Krishnan said he would bring something good out just for us to try. I didn’t expect him to bring out my favorite peated Indian single malt from Amrut! It smells delicious, does not have a very smoky ‘peat’ nose, tastes a bit like sweet bacon, and a medium finish that peters out with slight red tea flavors. You would want to have this with a bit of ice, but not an ice ball or that sort of thing.


Tiffin Room x Samy’s Curry collaboration is on now till 10 Mar, so hurry down and book your seats!

Lunch: 12 – 2pm

Dinner: 6.30 – 9.30 pm


Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673

(Located at Main Building, accessible via the hotel main entrance)


Dress Code: Casual Chic (dress shorts are allowed for lunch, no slippers or flip-flops


Price: Lunch and Dinner Set Menu: $78++

           Lunch and Dinner Vegetarian Set Menu:  $68++