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Uncle Tony's Pizza Delivery!

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The family loves pizza and it’s usually one of our to-gos if we need a quick fix for meals – the kids are fans too.


We ordered the sharing bundle “Let’s Go Party” for one of our family gatherings – yes we kept to social distancing measures and only had 2 over! This bundle feeds 9-10pax and we had 7 adults and a child. Look at the spread!


4 large 12” pizzas


12 pieces of chicken nuggets



12 fish fingers


12 chicken wings


12 honey mustard prawns

2 1.5litre bottled drinks (which did not arrive and it was only days later that we realised this was not delivered so I did not bother to highlight to the team but do remember to check!)


These are the flavours we picked, some came with a supplement charge too.


BBQ Chicken (+$3.50)


Tom Yum Tuna (+$3.50)


Mushroom Lover Delight (+$3.50)


Beef Supreme (+$6.50)


The pizzas arrived piping hot and well within the stipulated 1 hour time frame which is a major win! I’ve probably told this story to death but we’ve had a pizza delivery that took more than 2 hours to arrive and when it did, it was barely lukewarm. Major food delivery pet peeve so I love that Uncle Tony’s allow orders 1 hour prior to delivery and the food is served piping hot!


Our personal favourites are varied and I actually liked Tom Yum Tuna, plus, it is not a commonly seen flavour on pizza menus! The crisp bread and generous toppings makes this an absolute treat. The other flavours that we did not try include Meat Lover’s Delight, BBQ Chicken, Pesto Chicken, Classic Cheese and Chicken Cheese and Ham. There is a flavour for everyone.


Do note that chilli flakes and parmesan cheese packets are chargeable!

We were clearly overfed and even had some to save for the next meal – truly, that is what I love about value for money food options. Eat until peng and still can tabao – sounds like a cheapo already but…never say no to stretching the dollar!

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