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Fruits at your doorstep in 120 minutes flat!

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Thanks to Covid-19, my credit card bill for online transactions have soared to a point of no return. Shopping aside, grocery shopping has taken the bulk of my purchases for the following reasons. 


The barriers to exit online purchase for groceries is way too high - first, I need to dress up (anything beyond PJs is called dressing up, putting on makeup is another level of effort), don a mask, head to a supermart and practice social distancing, make the purchase, head home with the heavy fruits, shower off all the germs. All these versus, sitting at my laptop clicking away and delivery gets made even without me actually dressing up. Sorry, the convenience has won me over and there is absolutely no way I am heading back to shopping in physical stores till Covid-19 is over. 

2 hour delivery promise

Honestly, the time taken for me to get to the nearest supermart or fruit stall on public transport to and fro would be close to an hour and a half but still no thanks. 2 hour delivery for my fruits and vegetables? I'm taking it. 



The guys at Fruits Delivery SG sent my order promptly and I was stoked to be able to enjoy these seasonal fruits! I love variety and joy is having so many categories to choose from.


Custard Apples ($14.80 for 2 pcs)

I love custard apples but choosing them at their optimal ripeness is a challenge.  These arrived just right! I like how they are cling wrapped and covered in the styrofoam jacket to help protect it against bruising.


Packam Pear ($7 for 5 pcs)

 I love mine over ripe actually so I'd be keeping these for awhile longer!


Cherries on discount and these were sweet and juicy. The fournado was asking about them for days.


Vietnam Long Avocado ($9 for 2 pcs)

 Their pricing for these long avocados are really competitive and at a slight premium from the usual avocados, I would not mind getting seconds!


Creamy and less fibrous, these are so easy to like! What more, the seed can be easily removed too.

Pink Guava ($3 for 2 pcs)

Sold on pink, these are also sweet! My preferred choice as compared to to the usual white guavas.

MYS Tambun Pomelo ($8)

I found these on the dry side and not as sweet as those that I've eaten before. Penang pomelos are the my favourite!


NZ Envy Apple ($10.90 for 3 pcs)

Of all the apple varieties, this is my favourite. Sweet, crisp and so juicy!


Source: Owari Photography

If these are not up your alley, they have 80 varieties of fruit to choose from, surely there is something that will suit! 

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