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Orange Hotpot @ Da'an District, Taipei

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Orange Hotpot came up as one of the must tries for hotpot and we scored a private room for our party of 6 adults and 3 children. The waiter was extremely patient with us and made sure our every need was attended to.


The menu is simple, ala carte or set and we all went with sets just for the final course. Read on to find out what! The set comes with appetizer, main course and dessert.


We were definitely tempted by our friends' seafood order.


The marbling of the Japanese beef!

We were not quite ready for a splurge so we went with the more affordable pork and lamb set.

Our meats were cooked shabu shabu style and with just 200 grams, this would fill a small eater considerably. Condiments are not necessary when the meat soaked up the broth really nicely.


Berkshire Pork (NTD 980)


Look at the folds! These were sliced so fine.


A mere swish and it gets cooked just right, I like my shabu shabu meats without condiments.


Australian Lamb Chops (NTD 880)


These were a decent cut, barely gamey and was equally delicious.


Oriental Tomato was really tomato without skin and vinaigrette but a really refreshing one.


Otherwise the alternative to it would be a crisp salad doused in sesame sauce and served with cashews.


This was probably chawanmushi which the threenager polished off without saving a bite for me.


Vegetables first, to sweeten the soup before the meats go in.



Congee choice


So this was what I waited all meal for, the waiter comes by with bowls of rice, raw eggs and nori strips. Wait for magic to happen as the broth bubbles and slowly rice gets cooked into porridge. This is definitely comfort food for the rainy weather, except they should have served this first! We ended up with way too much porridge.


Almond Tofu

This had an interesting texture, a cross between mochi and tofu not to mention a really slippery one.


Daily Dessert of mango pudding which was rather ordinary.

Caramel Pudding for the kids and they definitely enjoyed their dessert course more than the adults.

Impeccable service and quality food, and I am not sure if the price premium is worth the while considering we had a much cheaper hotpot and also enjoyed ourselves.

Orange Hotpot
No. 29-2號, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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