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Japan Premium Wine Fair @ Teppan Kappou Kenji

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~Invited Session~


JR East Group celebrates quality Japanese wines with its
Japan Premium Wine Fair promotion this March, featuring five wines across 11
different restaurants in Singapore. From 2-31 March, wine connoisseurs can look
forward to trying these Japanese wines in 11 different restaurants and stores
this March, at special prices too! These wines are from the wine-producing
regions of Yamagata and Yamanashi and made with Japanese grape varieties like
Koshu and Muscat Bailey A, both are not grown outside of Japan.

The five wines are:


Japan Wine Sakura (Yamanashi Prefecture)


Chateau Jun Koshu 2019 (Yamanashi Prefecture)


2018 Rubaiyat Muscat Bailey A Barrel Aged (Yamanashi Prefecture)


2016 Takahata Arkadia Select Harvest (Yamagata Prefecture)


2017 Takahata Le Clôture Életrique en Kamiwada Chardonnay
(Yamagata Prefecture)

We paired 2017 Takahata Le Clôture Életrique en Kamiwada Chardonnay (Yamagata Prefecture) with our omakase at Teppan Kappou Kenji. This wine won prizes at Asia’s largest and most prestigious wine competition, the Japan Wine Challenge 2019.


It’s a chardonnay, a dry white wine with hints of over riped grapes and golden apples. It  complemented the dishes we had for the night.



Scallop Bisque served chilled had all my favourites – sea urchin, hokkaido scallop, prawn and even
micro tomatoes. Lovely textures and outstanding flavours, we were most definitely off to a fabulous start.



Sashimi assortment of chutoro, ootoro, kinmedai and octopus.


Tai fish, saffron, crabmeat was a beautiful dish put together and the plum rice ball remindedme of mui fan, only this was soaking in a hearty crab broth. Delicious. The fried negi too, gave this a lovely fragrance.




Seasonal specials was such a dainty presentation of fried fish, fire fly squid, tempura white fish and asparagus, fish roe and unagi sushi. A lot was going on in this platter and no complaints here since I love variety. My favourite from this has to be the fried fish – salted and fried so crispy and meaty. The only grouse is the tempura turned soggy faster than desired.


A5 Wagyu Beef is a showcase of Chef Kenji’s skills. Melt in
the mouth perfection.




Now for the heartier courses, lobster and clam soup was so robust, paired with the fried rice with shredded fish, bamboo shoots, ikura and white fish, this was truly one course worth having seconds of.


Everything in a seafood lunch checked off – comforting, tum satisfying and the best part of it is the charred rice bits at the bottom of the pot!


 The pickles too, tasted so good with the rice!


We ended on a sweet note over cheese tofu, grapes and strawberries and crushed cone. A refreshing change from fruit or icecream.

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