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CNY 2020: Crystal Jade

~Invited Session~

Crystal Jade has plenty to offer this Year of the Rat and all the more attractive because they have so many dining concepts and there is something for everyone. I was in for a treat with their concepts showcased in a meal.


Prosperity Golden Lobster Yusheng ($168 for large, $98 for small)
Available at all outlets, dine in and takeaway



Lobster and ikura joins the other ingredients like pickled cherry tomatoes, lily bulbs and red dates for a tossing good time. I loved the crunch of the various ingredients and the team has ventured beyond julienned carrots, cucumbers and radishes.



I love how thoughtful the team is, with every purchase of their loheis get you a placemat to contain the mess.


Double boiled abalone with conpoy, sea cucumber and fish maw soup served in a teapot ($24.80 per person)
Crystal Jade Jiang Nan


Word has it Chef had these tiny tea pots customised and the main reason for using a clay teapot to contain the soup goes beyond aesthetics, mainly to keep the temperature of the soup constant and every slurp is warm. Nourishing and comforting broth, dig deep to unearth baby abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber and conpoy!


Hakka yam abacus seeds with Boston Lobster ($15 per 100g)
Crystal Jade Palace


算盘子 gone luxurious with Boston Lobster and really slurpworthy yam abacus seeds. Chewy like mochi with a well greased finishing, tasty morsels of a Hakka dish done right. Boston lobster too was appetizing, this is worth ordering! 


Braised cod fish sphere in golden thick soup with Iberico Ham ($28)
Crystal Jade Pavilion


狮子头 was probably the influence for this large meatball in pumpkin soup, topped with an iberico ham chip. This handmade cod and chestnut ball disintegrates with a slight prod, I prefer mine with more bite. 


Crispy herbal 'dang gui' duck ($38 for half, $68 for whole)
Crystal Jade Pavilion

Their herbal is one of the better ones around, love the crisp skin and succulent meat perfumed with herbs.


Braised whole 10-head abalone with homemade black moss 'gold' bar beancurd ($28.80)
Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen


Hitting all notes of auspicious in this dish, the homemade beancurd bars do resemble gold bars to some extent with its crispy golden brown exterior. Be sure to hawk the braised 10 head abalone that is placed atop, bite into a chewy burst of flavours. All that braising rendered this so tender and tasty.


Classic ClaypotRice with Duck, Cured Meat and Chinese Preserved Sausage ($118 for 4-6 pax, $188 for 7-10 pax)
Crystal Jade Dining IN



I've had many claypot rice dishes and this is the first time I've had it two ways. Doused in a special shallot oil and lard bits as well as superior soup stock for the second course.



Both were equally comforting and gets really filling with the amount of rice and soup consumed.

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